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Nafjan T'dell was a Human male who in 5000 BBY served as a miner aboard the Sith starship Omen during the Great Hyperspace War.[1] That year, the Omen was bumped off course while jumping to hyperspace after a Jedi attack, and crashed on the remote planet Kesh.[2] T'dell survived the disaster, and eventually he and the other remaining Omen crewmembers made their way to civilization where they took their place as rulers of the world. In 4992 BBY, T'dell had a daughter, Ebya, with another Human survivor, a bridge cadet named Kanika. Both Nafjan and Kanika were acquainted with Seelah Korsin, a prominent member of the Kesh Sith society who, in 4985 BBY, examined Ebya to determine whether she would eventually be allowed to reproduce.[1]

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Nafjan T'dell received his first and only mention in the Star Wars canon in John Jackson Miller's 2010 eBook, Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon.[1]

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