This article is about Naga Sadow's tomb on Yavin 4. You may be looking for the tomb on Korriban.

Naga Sadow's tomb was built by the Massassi slaves of the ancient Sith Lord on the moon of Yavin 4 and was the actual resting place of Naga Sadow's physical remains.


Prior to the Great Galactic War, Jedi Master Barel Ovair, and his apprentice, Eison Gynt were exploring the ancient Sith worlds, including Korriban and fourth moon of Yavin. While undertaking their mission on Yavin 4, the two Jedi were attacked by the descendants of Naga Sadow's Massassi slaves. They were overwhelmed and driven into the depths of Sadow's tomb. There they experienced the heavy presence of the dark side. Ovair abandoned Gynt in the tomb and returned to Coruscant, reporting that his apprentice was dead. In reality, Gynt was alive and had been possessed by the spirit of Naga Sadow. Several years later, while still in the thrall of the ancient Sith Lord, he found his way back to the galactic capital and attacked his former master. In full view of many witnesses, Gynt was slain by Ovair, who was lauded by the Jedi Council for his victory over the dark side. Little did the Council know, Ovair was in truth a Sith who served the Sith Emperor and had been tasked with infiltrating the Jedi Order and eliminating the spirits of ancient Sith Lords.[1]


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