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Nagaian was the native language of the Nagai species from Nagi. It was a language characterized by slight variations of tone and pitch, resulting in what some regarded as a musical, lilting quality.[1]

Most Nagai were fluent in both Nagaian and Basic, although they were only literate in their own language.[2] While other species were capable of learning the language, few were able to master it.[1]

Common Words and phrasesEdit

  • Vish 'No'[source?]
  • Duba 'Think about it'[source?]
  • Sjali 'What do I care?'[source?]
  • Naia 'So?'[source?]
  • Vishnin-jai-yal "No, really? How long did to figure that out?'[source?]
  • Sji'va 'Whatever!'[source?]
  • Ishgasjir-dobari-dangu-haya-zo 'Cry me a river, build a bridge, name it after yourself, and get over it!!'[source?]



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