Nahata was a male thug who worked for the Exchange under the command of Benok and Loppak Slusk on Citadel Station, and quickly became one of the more prominent and feared thugs due to his murderous deeds. A confident and ruthless individual who was skilled with blasters, he was a good pairing with Matu as their two skills, Matu's with blades and Nahata's with blasters, complemented each other well. Nahata went into the fight against the Exile with confidence, but he overestimated his chances. Nahata was killed alongside Benok and Matu by Meetra Surik.

Behind the scenesEdit

When the player first meets Nahata, in the cantina, he is an Aqualish, but when the player next meets him in Loppak Slusk's quarters, he appears as a Rodian. He may have been a changeling.


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