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"But in this war, strength prevails. The rules have changed."
"Perhaps you are the one who has changed."
―Nahdar Vebb and Kit Fisto — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Nahdar Vebb was a Mon Calamari male Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. He was trained to be a Jedi by the Nautolan Jedi Master Kit Fisto, although when Fisto was called elsewhere, Vebb was forced to complete his Jedi Training on his own. He did so successfully, passing his Jedi Trials and becoming an accomplished Force healer. Shortly after, he was reunited with Fisto when the two both tracked the escaped Confederacy of Independent Systems leader Nute Gunray to the moon Vassek 3. Along with a squad of clone troopers, they heard Gunray's voice while investigating only to find that it was a hologram and that Gunray was not actually there.

After walking around the lair in which they heard the voice, they discovered statues of the cyborg General Grievous, revealing that that they were in his castle. At that point, Grievous arrived at his home and was quickly ambushed by the Jedi and clones. Vebb and Fisto began to fight against Grievous and tried to immobilize him. However, Grievous was able to escape even as Fisto cut his midsection in half, attacking several clones and running away. Grievous later released his pet roggwart, Gor, who attacked the group. Vebb, Fisto, and Commander Fil were eventually able to kill it, though not without losing Fil in the process. The pair then kept moving and came to the control room. They were about to hurry inside, but Grievous's personal droid, EV-A4-D, alerted the cyborg to their presence. Vebb was on his own with Grievous and some of his MagnaGuards, and while Vebb was able to take out the droids easily, he fared worse with Grievous, who killed him.


Early life and training[]

"Nahdar! Congratulations on passing the trials. I'm sorry the war prevented me from seeing your training through to the end."
"You were missed, master, but it is an honor to finally serve beside you as a Knight."
―Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb discuss the training of the latter — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Vebb was apprenticed to Jedi Master Kit Fisto until early in the Clone Wars.

Nahdar Vebb was a Mon Calamari male who hailed from[1] the planet[4] Mon Cala.[1] He became a Padawan of the Jedi Order and was trained as a Jedi by Kit Fisto, a Nautolan Jedi Master.[3] Fisto was later called elsewhere[5] because of his service in the Clone Wars,[3] a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems that began in 22 BBY.[6]

Without his master to guide him,[3] Vebb was forced to complete his training on his own.[5] Vebb was among the many Jedi during the Clone Wars who passed to Knighthood sooner than he ideally would have.[7] He became an accomplished Force healer and tended to the wounded of the Republic Army,[5] and he also led troops into battle, thinking that he could lead them just as well as a more experienced Jedi could.[7]

Looking for Gunray[]

"The tracking beacon! They knew we were coming."
"I should have known Gunray wasn't here."
―Nahdar Vebb and Kit Fisto discover the absence of Gunray[3]

Vebb, the clones, and Fisto prepare to enter the lair.

Shortly after Nahdar Vebb completed his Trials,[8] in 21 BBY,[2] the Republic had taken Separatist leader Nute Gunray into custody,[9] but with the help of Count Dooku, Gunray was able to escape.[10] Master Kit Fisto and Vebb, his former Padawan learner, had both tracked Gunray to the moon Vassek 3 in the Vassek system. When Fisto was alerted by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli that Vebb had also gone to the system, he remarked that it would be good to see him again. When Fisto arrived on Vassek 3, Vebb was already there,[3] having landed in a fully armed Nu-class shuttle.[11]

He congratulated Vebb on completing the Trials and offered his apologies that he was not there. Vebb admitted that he indeed missed his Master but was also honored to finally serve beside Fisto as a Jedi Knight. Clone Commander Fil then located the entrance; Vebb used the Force to dissipate the fog that was covering it. Although Vebb and the clones were eager to cut open the door using a lightsaber and a thermal detonator, respectively, Fisto took a second look and was able to make the doors swing open with the push of a button.[3]

The group walked in, with Fisto and Vebb leading. As they progressed down a hall, Fisto sensed that something was there, though the clone's scanners were negative. A loud growl then indicated that the sensors were inaccurate. At that point, the group heard Gunray, who instructed a group of B1-series battle droids to stay on guard as the Jedi walked in. Fisto and Vebb smiled in anticipation of what was about to happen.[3]

The pair took down the battle droids easily, although Vebb attacked one of the droids even after it had been disabled. Fisto scolded him for the action; Vebb apologized for getting carried away. They walked up to the chair from which Gunray's voice was sounding, and Vebb used the Force to swivel it toward them, revealing a mere hologram. Gunray called them fools, warning them that coming to the fortress would mean their doom. Vebb and Fisto realized that the tracking beacon should have given away the fact that it was all a ruse.[3]

Lair of Grievous revealed[]

"But who has the trap been set to catch?"
―Nahdar Vebb[3]

Nahdar Vebb battles the battle droids.

The holoprojector that had shown Gunray, which had turned off, lit up blue once again, this time with Count Dooku. The count told them that while Gunray would not be available for capture, he could offer them an alternative prize. He then turned off his hologram, leaving the chair beeping with a flashing red light. Intrigued, Vebb pushed a button on the chair, which opened a tall set of doors. As they walked down the following hallway, they passed by statues of warriors and found a large room filled with heads of the cyborg General Grievous, revealing that they were in his lair.[3]

Above the planet, Grievous arrived in his starfighter. At the same time, Vebb found several Padawan braids in a glass case, and reasoned that they must have been trophies that Grievous had taken from Jedi he had killed. Speculating about who the trap was for, Fisto did not think it made sense for Dooku to set a trap for his best general, and Vebb considered whether they were the bait or if Grievous was.[3]

Fisto received a message from a clone he had told to stay with the ship that a starfighter that matched Grievous's was headed their way. Vebb was excited by the prospect of capturing Grievous, but Fisto reminded him and the clone not to underestimate the general.[3]

Bout with Grievous[]

"Don't make me destroy you."
―Nahdar Vebb to General Grievous[3]
Vebb Fisto Grievous

Vebb and Fisto clashed lightsabers with Grievous.

Grievous landed his starfighter in his lair's hangar and was surprised by the absence of his guards. The Jedi and clones then ambushed him, so he ignited his four lightsabers and began to fight Vebb and Fisto. They exchanged blows, and Fisto instructed the clones to launch their cables in an attempt to immobilize Grievous. Vebb and Fisto continued to strike him with their lightsabers, trying to make sure that he would not get an opportunity to cut the lines.[3]

Fisto sliced Grievous in half at his midsection, but the cyborg was able to use his many limbs to crawl away. Vebb chased after Grievous, threatening to destroy him. With the help of Fisto, Vebb was able to knock away one of Grievous's lightsabers. Grievous jumped away and grabbed one of the clone troopers to use as a shield. He threw the trooper at Vebb and knocked him to the ground. He then began to run away, using rungs on the ceiling to move quickly above the floor. Vebb called for them to cut him off, although as they chased after him, he turned around and attacked two clone troopers, disabling them. He then opened a secret door, went through it, and closed it behind him, leaving the remaining two clones and the Jedi trapped. Much to Fisto's disapproval, Vebb complained that he could have taken Grievous had the clones not gotten in his way.[3]


Kit Fisto cautions an impatient Vebb.

As Vebb and Fisto tended to the clones, Vebb asked permission from Fisto to go after Grievous himself, believing he was ready. Fisto told him that although he was no longer a Padawan, it did not necessarily mean he was ready to take on General Grievous. As Grievous watched via hologram, Fisto proclaimed that it was time they retreated, and they ran away. However, Grievous used his array of buttons to close the doors that the group would have used, and Fisto realized that a fight would be inevitable. Commander Fil told the clones who had not entered the lair to call the fleet for reinforcements.[3]

Unbeknownst to the clones, they were being watched by IG-100 MagnaGuards, one of whom used an RPS-6 rocket launcher to destroy their shuttle. R6-H5 then called up Fisto via comlink, informing him that his interceptor was under attack by MagnaGuards. Fisto told Arsix to get away, which he successfully did, but he lost contact with Fisto. Grievous then appeared to the group via hologram, informing them that they had run out of time. Fisto demanded he come out of his hiding place, but Grievous merely threatened them in response.[3]

Vebb of lies[]

Vebb apprehensively told Fisto that he had a bad feeling about the situation. It was then that the floor fell out from under them. The Jedi were able to leap to safe ground, but both clones fell in. While one of the troopers immediately perished, Commander Fil used a cable on his blaster to cling to the wall. Vebb quickly ran to help him get back out and, with Fisto's help, was able to do so. The Jedi sat down to regain their breath.[3]

Fisto, who at this point surmised they were being watched by Grievous, told him that they were unimpressed with his home. Grievous told the group through the speaker that they would still provide sport for him. Having turned off the channel to the visitors, he told his pet roggwart, Gor, that it was time to "entertain" his guests.[3]

Vebb angered

Vebb felt anger when Fil died.

Vebb, Fisto, and Fil stood on guard with their weapons drawn. Just as Fisto warned that there could be things worse than Grievous there, a large door opened to reveal Gor. The roggwart roared at them as Fil blasted away to no avail. Vebb launched himself at the roggwart and stabbed him in his back, although this only intensified Gor's rage. He swung his tail around, knocking down down Fil and nearly Fisto, who was able to duck. Gor then picked up Fil with his tail and swatted Vebb away when he tried to help rescue him. Fisto struck Gor's face with his lightsaber, but he continued to hold Fil and even smashed him on the ground.[3]

Vebb sliced off a part of Gor's tail in order to release the Commander. Fisto then cut off his two front limbs and, after the roggwart fell to the ground, impaled his neck and killed him. However, it was not enough to save Fil, who had died. Vebb angrily held Fil in his arms and vowed that he would destroy Grievous for Fil's death. Fisto sympathized with Vebb's pain but reminded him that revenge was not the Jedi way.[3] Vebb did not hear Fisto[12] and insisted that the rules had changed due to the war. Fisto suggested that it was instead Vebb who had changed..[3]

Overconfidence as a weakness[]


Nahdar Vebb cried out as he was shot and killed by Grievous.

The pair hid next to a wall as Grievous walked by with his MagnaGuards. They observed as he entered the code to lock a door. Vebb realized that Fisto had been right and that the exit led to the control room. However, they were being watched by Grievous's medical droid, EV-A4-D, who quickly alerted Grievous to their presence. Fisto ordered Vebb to hurry inside, but the Mon Calamari insisted that Fisto should go and that he could hold off Grievous himself. While they argued, EV-A4-D closed the door in between the two Jedi, trapping Fisto in the control room and Vebb out of it.[3]

He ignited his lightsaber and eagerly dealt with three MagnaGuards with ease, using the Force as well as his lightsaber to take them down. However, down the hall was Grievous along with two more MagnaGuards. He taunted Vebb about the whereabouts of his master, and Vebb shot back that he would find out soon and that Grievous could not defeat all of them. The two began to duel, with Grievous using two lightsabers against Vebb's one. Fisto advanced towards EV-A4-D, who was watching the bout via an array of viewscreens. He took his lightsaber and cut the chair that the droid was sitting in in half, decapitating EV-A4-D. He then turned his attention to the duel.[3]

Nahdars death

Nahdar Vebb being shot to death by General Grievous.

Grievous and Vebb locked lightsabers, and as they struggled to gain ground, Grievous used his third arm to draw a DC-17 hand blaster and fire three shots through[3] Vebb's abdomen.[13] Vebb groaned as his body collapsed to the ground. As Fisto watched, he could only say the word "no" as he fell backward into the chair.[3]


"To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not."

Grievous added Vebb's lightsaber to his collection and said to the camera, knowing that Fisto was watching, that he would kill them all. After a short duel with Grievous, Fisto was able to reclaim Vebb's weapon[3] in honor of his fallen comrade[14] and escape. Dooku told Grievous in a holographic message that the victory over Vebb had been expected.[3]

Once Fisto returned to the Jedi Temple on the[3] Core Worlds planet[15] Coruscant, he gave a report to the Jedi High Council. He told Master Mace Windu that Vebb's heart had been in the right place but that he had tried to answer Grievous's power with his own. Jedi Master Yoda noted the danger of the Jedi losing who they were due to the war.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"I didn't forget to teach you restraint, did I, my old Padawan?"
"I am sorry, master. I got carried away"
"Those who have power should restrain themselves from using it."
―Kit Fisto teaches Nahdar Vebb a lesson — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Vebb was a brash, overly confident young Jedi.

Nahdar Vebb had trouble handling the pressure and reality of war. He was very self-confident and felt that he could lead troops into battle just as well as a more experienced Jedi.[7] A brash warrior, Vebb actively sought out conflict,[5] and his youth was put on display as he only had one barbel under his chin.[12] He struggled to keep his anger at the Separatists under control.[1]

During the mission to Vassek 3, when Vebb, Fisto, and the clones encountered battle droids, Vebb destroyed them with zeal, even Force-pushing their already-broken-off fragments, much to the concern of Fisto.[12] After Grievous escaped his first bout with the Jedi, Vebb shirked the responsibility, insisting that had it not been for the clones getting in his way, he could have defeated the cyborg general.[3] His vengeful, forceful mood was met with much disapproval from Fisto.[7]

After Clone Commander Fil was killed, Vebb angrily suggested that he would take revenge upon Grievous, which led to an additional scolding from Fisto. Vebb asserted that in war only strength would prevail and that the rules had changed. Fisto put forward that it may have been Vebb who had changed.[3] During his fight with Grievous, Vebb placed too much value on matching his enemy's power with his own.[16] He had not fallen to the dark side, but his attitude to the Force and power were the first steps on that path, if not his ultimate undoing.[17] Vebb had orange skin, yellow eyes,[3] and stood 1.86 meters (six feet and one inch).[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"Let me go after Grievous myself, master."
"Patience, Nahdar. You may no longer be a Padawan, but you are not ready to take on Grievous."
―Fisto and Vebb discuss if Vebb is ready to take on Grievous[3]

A Force-sensitive, Nahdar Vebb was able to complete his Jedi training even when his master, Kit Fisto, was called elsewhere.[5] Vebb took his Jedi Trials sooner than he ideally would have due to the Clone Wars.[7] Nonetheless, he successfully passed them[3] and became an accomplished Force healer.[5] He was skilled in lightsaber combat enough to defeat B1-series battle droids and IG-100 MagnaGuards,[3] but he was easily led into a trap by Grievous,[7] whom Dooku had trained in the Jedi arts.[18]

During the mission to Vassek 3, when fighting against droids, Vebb did so eagerly. When Clone Commander Fil nearly fell into a pit, Vebb tried to pull him out, but he was not strong enough and needed the help of Fisto. He was able to assist Fisto in killing Grievous's pet roggwart, Gor. Vebb insisted on throughout the mission that he was ready to face Grievous on his own, but this was disproven when Grievous was able to kill him[3] easily.[7]


"This will make less noise."
―Nahdar Vebb prepares to use his lightsaber[3]

Nahdar Vebb wielded a blue-bladed lightsaber which he was skilled in using.[3] His lightsaber, just like his master's, had a two way ignition system.[19] He wore Jedi robes that were reminiscent of[3] a traditional Mon Calamari uniform.[20]

Behind the scenes[]

Notable appearances[]

"We wanted to show that even some Jedi are starting to fall under the temptation to use power to try to win the war. And… um… that's not the Jedi way."
―Henry Gilroy discusses Nahdar Vebb[21]

Design sketches for Nahdar Vebb

Nahdar Vebb was created for the first season of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His character was first seen during the opening newsreel of the episode "Rookies,"[22] which used footage from the episode in which he later returned and made a full appearance, "Lair of Grievous," where he was identified. He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also provided the voice of Nute Gunray in the same episode.[3]

A major portion of Vebb's look, as well as conceptual art, was done by the Japanese production company Studio I.G.[21] Vebb's design was inspired by Admiral Gial Ackbar,[21] the first Mon Calamari seen in the Star Wars franchise.[23] Design and concept artist Kilian Plunkett explained that Vebb's clothing incorporated elements of Ackbar's uniform from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, such as the collar and cuffs of the sleeves, but was still intended to look just like Jedi robes should.[21]

The writer of "Lair of Grievous," Henry Gilroy, also mentioned that Vebb was supposed to represent parts of the Jedi Order that had begun to feel the temptation to use power to win the war, which Gilroy did not consider to be the Jedi way. Supervising director Dave Filoni stated that Vebb was a representation of the direction in which the younger Jedi of the Order were going.[21]


In the StarWars.com Databank entry for EV-A4-D, Nahdar Vebb's name is misspelled as "Veb."[24] Although "Lair of Grievous" states that Kit Fisto was not present at Vebb's Jedi Trials,[3] the original StarWars.com episode guide states that Fisto had not seen his Padawan since the Trials.[12]

Lastly, the 2015 reference book Ultimate Star Wars states that Vebb lost his life to Grievous's roggwart, Gor,[15] even though he was depicted as having been slain by Grievous. Not only does this contradict the episode,[3] but it also contradicts Ultimate Star Wars itself, which correctly gives Vebb's killer as Grievous on a separate page.[15] Although the page for Grievous in the 2019 follow-up reference book to Ultimate Star Wars, Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, is copied from its predecessor, the error regarding Nahdar Vebb was corrected.[15][25]



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