Nahk was one of two children of Sector Constable Noana Sowrs of the planet Taris. Nahk and sibling Tallie were kidnapped by Brejik and Griff Vao. The two kidnappers didn't get the chance to ask for a ransom as riots broke out on Taris stemming from the escape of Zayne Carrick and the Jedi leaving the planet.

The two siblings were found when Griff's little sister, Mission, and Zayne, who had just returned to Taris, were spying on Griff bringing food to a storage bin in the Lower City. Gadon Thek, leader of the Hidden Beks, returned the children to their mother to get aid from and to help the resistance against the Mandalorians who had invaded and taken over the planet.

When the Mandalorians began attacking the Resistance, Noana sent the children to their father on Alderaan. Noana would later fall victim to the rakghoul disease.

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When writing the Knights of Suffering story arc, John Jackson Miller had considered taking his own children's names and working them into those of Nahk and Tallie. However, when he started writing the next story arc, he realized that their mother, Noana Sowrs, would be turning into a rakghoul and decided against basing the children on his own, giving the characters different names.[2]


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