"…Bear a single torch for Nahut, the Hated Son. Gray, formless and cold, he is denied by all but the Mother of Sorrows. Do not follow him into the dark. Light the way to lead him home…"
―"The Lamentation of Nahut," part of a Zakuulan devotional text[src]

Nahut, reviled as the Hated Son, was one of the six primary Old Gods, the deities worshiped by the people of the planet Zakuul prior to Valkorion's ascension to Immortal Emperor. One of the four children of Izax and Scyva, Nahut was considered to be gray, formless and cold, and was denied worship by all except his mother Scyva. The Old Ways taught that Zakuulans should not follow Nahut into darkness, but should instead "light the way" to bring Nahut home.[2]



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