"I think I lost most of the liquor from my system about then, and the last thing I remember before I passed out was lying there, my face getting wetter and stickier and smellier by the second, staring at Naiver Rekcus. He was staring back, except that I'm pretty sure he wasn't seeing much. Folk what're bleeding out the eyes, nose, and ears generally don't."

Naiver Rekcus was a male individual who lived on the planet Cularin. At some point during the Clone Wars, Rekcus went drinking on Cularin with Ezil and several other people, and they were attacked by a group of Thaereian military soldiers who accused the Culariners of being disrespectful. In the resulting scuffle, Rekcus was beaten up, which caused him to bleed from his nose, eyes and ears.


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