Naja Delan was a male Duros who lived with his family on Cularin several years before the onset of the Clone Wars. Serving as Duro diplomats on Cularin, they were highly respected by the other inhabitants of the world. After his family returned to their homeworld, Delan remained behind in order to complete his education. He became the leader of a small group of friends, including Oora Gellandi, with whom he spent many an afternoon explaining the various conspiracy theories he found around every corner.

Delan was not disposed to flaunt his family's power, a trait that led him to gain friends with relative ease. Like his friends, Naja believed that the Jedi Knights were perfect, although it was only Naja who believed that the onset of the Clone Wars was predicated by sinister elements within the Galactic Senate. His belief in conspiracies often led him to dead ends or misconceptions, until one day when he stumbled upon the plot to assassinate Gavid Lermyn.

The four young beings were discovered, and forced to run for their lives, when they ran into a group of freelance agents who agreed to help them.



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