Nak'har was a male Defel criminal who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


In about 20 BBY,[1] the Rodian slaver Gomalo was released from prison and he put together a team of his former contacts, which included Nak'har, to steal a sculpture that contained the co-ordinates of the location of the carbonite-frozen Jedi Knight Ji-Ad Sarain. Nak'har, the Human Thook Lafrell and some of Gomalo's other thugs stole the sculpture and various other pieces of artwork from a display in the city Tolea Biqua on the planet Genarius, and they took the works of art to a room in the Starlight Lounge, a hotel that Gomalo was using as his base of operations. The undercover Cularin Office of Public Safety agent Ezra Du'Re was dispatched to recover the missing items, and Nak'har and Lafrell captured her and escorted her to their hotel room, to use her as insurance while they completed their job for Gomalo. However, a group of freelance agents investigated Du'Re's disappearance and tracked her to the Starlight Lounge, where they confronted Nak'har and Gomalo's other thugs.

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  1. The Living Force Campaign Guide states that the Living Force campaign is set one year after the Invasion of Naboo, an event that is dated to 32 BBY by The New Essential Chronology. As the Living Force adventure Philology moved the campaign forward ten years to the time of the Clone Wars, and the adventure Night's Homecoming established that by Year 4 of the campaign over a year had elapsed since the events of Philology, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rodian can therefore be dated to circa 20 BBY.
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