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"These three are my best assassins—the Blood Carver is Ku Vrat, and this charming Anzati couple are Sint and Nakia Yoru."
Lun Rask to Nieve Gromia[src]

Nakia Yoru was a female Anzat assassin and the wife of Sint Yoru.


Nakia and her husband, as well as the Blood Carver Ku Vrat, were employed by Black Sun Vigo Lun Rask to kill both former Jedi Padawan Cade Skywalker and Imperial agent Gunn Yage at the behest of Nieve Gromia, Moff of the Arkanis sector.

Nakia and Sint tracked Skywalker and Yage to Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where Nakia killed the drunk pilot Bushman Krentz by draining his soup. The trio then followed their targets into the Dune Sea, where they were forced to make a stop due to the sandstorm. The Anzati had found their prey at the abandoned Lars homestead, where a fight ensued, in which Nakia's husband and Vrat were killed and she herself was taken captive. Skywalker, Morrigan Corde and Jariah Syn forced her to lead them to vigo Rask's base of operation, which they reached in the Yorus' starship, the Anzat One.

On the way Corde had poisoned Nakia and threatened to deny her the antidote in case she refuses to cooperate. After vigo Rask was disposed of, Nakia received her "antidote", but as turned out, the substance was only meant to end her permanently.


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