«I greet you, Captain Roscu, and welcome you aboard the Whetstone. This is Generalirius Nakirre, ruler of the Kilji Illumine and master of this vessel. We appreciate your promptness. Allow us to show you to a place of comfort and refreshment where we may speak together at ease»
―Jixtus on Generalirius Nakirre to Captain Clarr'os'culry. — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Nakirre was an enlightened male Kilji Generalirius who was the leader of the Kilji species' theocracy of the Kilji Illumine and the government's battle fleet, the Illumine Kilhorde. As a follower of the Kilji religious beliefs and his status of enlightened—which was achieved after becoming a follower of the Kilji philosophy—Nakirre was in charge of the Illumine, and the enlightenment of others, such as the individuals who became his vassals: Vassal One, Vassal Two, Vassal Four, and three other beings. To spread enlightenment across the galaxy, and wishing the enlightenment of the entire universe, Nakirre allied himself with the Grysk coordinator Jixtus, who with permission of the Kilji Overlords traveled aboard the generalirius's Kilji war cruiser Whetstone, guiding the Kilji conquests of enlightenment across the Unknown Regions.

The travels the pair undertook consisted of meetings with nations and peoples of the Unknown Regions, such as the Chiss and their Chiss Ascendancy, at planets including Zyzek, Rhigar, Avidich, and four other Chiss worlds. As Nakirre ad Jixtus erupted chaos across the Ascendancy by rising tensions between the Clarr and Dasklo families, the generalirius realized he was a mere tool of the Grysks, and was humiliated by Jixtus throughout their travels. Meanwhile, the Kilhorde was destroyed by the Paataatus species with Chiss Senior Captain Thrawn's assistance. The battle fleet's destruction led to Nakirre's death aboard the Whetstone at the hands of Jixtus, who viewed the Kilji as useless without the Kilji battle fleet. Although Nakirre thought not, the unenlightened being was able to change the enlightened's fate.


Early life[]

Generalirius Nakirre, a male Kilji, leader of the government of his species, the Kilji Illumine, and its battle fleet, the Illumine Kilhorde, was at some point in his life enlightened to the Kilji way of order and enlightenment, his species' religious beliefs. He also enlightened other beings to the Kilji beliefs, turning them—Vassal One, Vassal Two, Vassal Four and other vassals—to Kilji vassals, followers of the Kilji way and crew of Nakirre's own Kilji war cruiser, the Whetstone.[2]

Meeting Thrawn[]

«Senior Captain Thrawn, you may keep your prisoners. I will see you again when I arrive among your people to change the ancient paths of the Chiss to the fuller enlightenment of the Kiljis.»
―Nakirre to Thrawn — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo discovered Nakirre

At some point following the Nikardun sentient species' conquests, Nakirre decided to travel with Jixtus, a Grysk operative of the warlike Grysk species, who guided the Kilji in his nation's conquests of enlightenment. The Kilji Overlords—which approved the Generalirius' decisions—approved Nakirre's decision to travel with the Grysk, allowing the Grysk to travel aboard the Whetstone.[2] Around 18 BBY,[1] following an incident at the Unknown Regions planet of Hoxim, the Whetstone, commanded by Nakirre and Jixtus, orbited the planet Zyzek, a trade hub for several nations. During their visit, Jixtus gave a speech on the benefits the Grysks would provide the Kiljis, but was interrupted by Vassal Two, who alerted Nakirre of a unknown warship's presence above Zyzek.[2]

The warship, whose commander—Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo core name "Thrawn"—revealed to be the Chiss heavy cruiser Springhawk broadcasted a message asking for members of the Watith species to receive some prisoners Thrawn had supposedly captured. Nakirre stood forth, although he did not know about the Watith, and presented the Illumine and his beliefs to Thrawn, who rejected them, which led to a short confrontation shut down by Zyzek System Defense, the organization who protected the Zyzek system. Below leaving, the generalirius promised to change the ancient Chiss paths to the enlightenment of the Kiljis.[2]

Tool of the Grysks[]

«Then hear and understand, […] You serve the Grysks. The Illumine serves the Grysks. You and your people live or die at the pleasure of the Grysks. I do not travel aboard the Whetstone at your pleasure; rather, you and the Whetstone survive at mine. I will travel aboard this ship wherever I wish, for as long as I wish, and you will obey every command I choose to give. Do you understand?"
"And what of our agreement?"
"It still stands. […] We'll assist you in bringing enlightenment to the peoples of this region. But it will be the peoples of our choice, and on our schedule.»
―Jixtus and Nakirre — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Nakirre attempted to "enlighten" Thurfian

Shortly after, the Kilji-Grysk pair met a Patriel of the Chiss Mitth family, Thistrian, on the planet Avidich, who ordered them away. Nakirre was frustrated by this, and argued with Jixtus, believing himself superior. The Grysk ordered Nakirre and his vassals to travel to a star system, which housed his flagship, the Grysk Shatter-class WarMaster FateSpinner. Showing the massive warship to Nakirre, Jixtus revealed that the Kiljis were mere tools of Jixtus, which would die if he deemed it pleasant. However, he confirmed that his people would still assist Nakirre in bringing enlightenment of the Unknown Regions.[2]

With their agreement to enlighten the Chiss and other nations still standing, the pair traveled to the planet of Rhigar, where Clarr'os'culry "Roscu" boarded the Whetstone, wishing to study Nakirre's war cruiser and meet the Kilji. Aboard the Whetstone, Jixtus presented a recording of the Chiss Xodlak family and Dasklo families practicing an attack on a warship. Before Roscu's departure, Nakirre informed her that the Kilji Illumine could provide the Clarr with warships to "protect their worlds," which the Chiss rejected.[2]

Generals out[]

«The Paccosh had the blockade frigate, as I said. And Thrawn arrived at…an inopportune moment."
"You're saying two of the Kilji Illumine's mighty warships couldn't handle a Paccian blockade frigate and a Chiss heavy cruiser?"
"No, sir, they couldn't, […] But one of the Kilji ships did escape back to Sunrise. Unfortunately, the Paccosh and the Chiss were able to follow it."
"And yes, to destroy it, […] Did you think I wouldn't have heard of this from the Grysk vessel that escaped that disaster?»
―Jixtus and Qilori — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Later on, a task force, led by Kilji General Crofyp, was dispatched by Jixtus to the Rapacc system of the Unknown Regions, where the general and his force were set to retrieve refugees that Jixtus was interested in and bring them to a rendezvous point. The Kilji, dispatched alongside Colonel Tildnis, the colonel's picket cruiser Hammer and the Kilji war cruiser Anvil, arrived at the same time as the Hammer at the system. Although Crofyp attempted to retrieve the refugees, the Nikardun blockade frigate Aelos, commandeered by the Paccosh prevented him from doing so, forcing a battle in which Thrawn—secretly allied with the Paccosh—intervened and destroyed the Anvil, however, the Hammer fled.[2]

Pathfinder navigator Qilori, the Anvil's navigator, was saved by Thrawn, who ordered the Pathfinder to lead him to the Hammer. Arriving at the picket cruiser's location, the Sunrise system, Thrawn captured the cruiser, and obtained vital information on the Kilhorde, which he shared with the Paataatus government of the Hiveborn. The Hiveborn sent a fleet to destroy the Kilhorde, which was operating near their borders, destroying the battle fleet. In the meantime, Nakirre had received calls and reports of victories on the conquests from several Kilji Field Commanders, however, he feared the Kilhorde had extended its conquests to the Chiss world of Colonial Station Chaf, where a long-range triad transmitter—which the Kiljis used to communicate with their generalirius—was located, which would leave them on their own. At some point after the Hammer's destruction, Nakirre and his ally had visited six planets and four senior officials of the Nine Ruling families.[2]

Further travels[]

«You said when the Chiss have been forced into combat, the Ascendancy would fall. Would not the correct term be if?"
"Do you question my words and my skill, Kilji? […] Or do you mock me? Because you should think long and deep before you step onto that path. You have no concept of the true power of the Grysks. We can crush the Illumine like boulders that can be turned to fine sand, or we can twist your culture, your lives, and your very souls to do our bidding. Do not force me to choose which of those fates would be the more satisfying.»
―Nakirre and Jixtus — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Nakirre believed that Jixtus would not break the Chiss Ascendancy (logo pictured)

The Kilji generalirius inquired his ally if they were still traveling to the astronomical object Sharb, and Jixtus told Nakirre that they were traveling to the Chiss world of Ornfra, where they would witness Roscu's death at the hands of a Grysk asteroid missile platform, provoking a civil war between the Clarr and their allies and the Dasklo and its allies, and after, the destruction of the Ascendancy. The generalirius disliked adjusting their schedule to the Clarr captain, and Jixtus promised him that her life would end soon, and with it, the Ascendancy. The Grysk ordered Vassal One to execute the course to the Chiss world, but there was no response. Nakirre informed his Grysk companion that his vassals only took orders from him, and Jixtus said that he enjoyed being the master of his servants and ship. The generalirius then attempted to mock his companion, in turn, Jixtus threatened the enlightened with the Illumine's destruction, the Kiljis' everything—culture, souls, lives—twist to servitude of the Grysks. Nakirre was completely calm, an ability of the enlightened, and answered with a simple no, remarking that the unenlightened falsehood's could not change the enlightened.[2]

After the short confrontation, Nakirre expressed his desire to put the Chiss alongside the Kiljis and Grysks as allies, saying that the Kilji enlightenment would allow that. However, his Grysk companion denied that, and Nakirre thought about the future: a future with no Ascendancy, where the Kiljis and the Grysk would conquer the entirety of Lesser Space—the region beyond the Unknown Regions—and Nakirre himself would enlighten the shadowy Grysk leadership. The generalirius also imagined boulders being crushed to fine sand, which Jixtus had mentioned in his threat, which prompted his ally to sooth him, informing him that their call to the Chiss warship Orisson would be one the generalirius could listen. After the call, the Orisson traveled to Ornfra, where it destroyed a Grysk asteroid missile platform planted by Jixtus to destroy the Chiss and provoke a civil war, as the Clarr would believe the Mitth family on Ornfra had destroyed the Orisson.[2]

Humiliated and dreams dismissed[]

«Your path is simplistic, self-contradictory, and self-defeating. The only ones who accept it are those the Kiljis are able to force it upon."
"You lie, […]"
"No, for once I'm telling the truth.
[…] Look at your own servants. Did you choose them for skill, initiative, or even enthusiasm? Of course not. You chose them because they were willing to trade their last scraps of freedom to you in the hope that you would take care of them for the remainder of their lives.»
―Jixtus and Nakirre on the Kilji path — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

After Roscu had survived the Grysks' secret platform's attack Jixtus had prepared, Nakirre and the Grysk were once again waiting. Vassal Four opened a transmission with Clarr family Patriarch Clarr'ivl'exow "Rivlex," who informed Jixtus of his travel to the Chiss capital of Csilla with all other leaders. The transmission was cut, and Generalirius Nakirre expressed his desire to enlighten them all there, which prompted Jixtus to denigrate the Kilji enlightenment, as well as to confess that Nakirre and his people meant nothing to him.[2]

Feeling humiliation and what he deemed powerless anger, Nakirre thought about killing Jixtus, wrapping his hands around the Grysk's neck and listening to his gasps and whimpers, however, the Kilji thought what that would provoke: the nearby Grysk fleet would learn of Jixtus' death, and would destroy the Kilhorde—as Jixtus' fleet knew of its location—and more critically, in Nakirre's opinion, would siege the Kilji homeland, the Kiljis' home. Deciding against the Grysk's assassination, Nakirre continued to act as an agent of Jixtus.[2]

Death and legacy[]

«You did this! Your arrogance—your refusal to accept the Kilji Illumine as true allies—your failure to provide adequate support for our conquests of enlightenment!»
―Nakirre to Jixtus — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Chiss warships, including several Chiss heavy cruisers (a Chiss heavy cruiser pictured) engaged Jixtus' forces

Later, the generalirius, his ally, and Qilori—who piloted the Whetstone—traveled to the Sunrise system. Where they observed a deactivated Chiss fleet. The Sprignhawk, one of the destroyed warships, then opened comm with the Whetstone, and Jixtus and Thrawn engaged in a conversation regarding the latter's defeat and the "destruction" of Thrawn's fleet at the system. The pair argued, which resulted in Nakirre being informed of his Kilhorde's destruction by the Paataatus. Jixtus, who viewed the generalirius as useless without the Kilhorde, killed the Kilji after he had expressed his hatred for the Grysk. Following Nakire's death, all the vassals aboard the Whetstone stopped their duties, as their master had been lost and the Kilji path prevented them from doing anything without him, wrapping their arms around their heads. Following Nakirre's death, the Chiss fleet was reactivated and sieged Jixtus's fleet, including the FateSpinner.[2]

During the battle, Qilori, who was aboard the Whetstone, feared that Jixtus—who had now fled to the FateSpinner—would move on from the battle against the reactivated Chiss vessels and destroy the Whetstone. The navigator was able to rise as the Kiljis' new master, being able to convince them to disintegrate the FateSpinner's entire starboard aft flank with the Whetstone's weapons. This, and the fear of defeat, prompted Jixtus to use a self-destruct mechanism implanted in all his fleet, to kill himself. After the death of Jixtus, Qilori reported Generalirius Nakirre's death to Thrawn. Although Nakirre was absolutely sure that the unenlightened could not change the enlightened's fate, the Kilhorde's, his vassals', and his own fate were changed by Jixtus of the unenlightened Grysks.[2]

Personality and traits[]

«Would you have preferred I ordered the Whetstone to bombard the planet from space?"
"Why not? […]They have nothing that holds terror for us. We've seen the insignificant defenders that guard their worlds. We've seen the larger but still pitiful warship they use to travel outside their nest of ignorance and darkness. Why not bring them enlightenment right here and now?»
―Jixtus and Generalirius Nakirre — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Generalirius Nakirre was a tall member of the Kilji species with soft dark orange skin and brown hair, he possessed two legs, and his skin formed patterns conveying his emotions. The Kilji was overconfident in his capabilities as a military commander and in the Kilji Illumine's might, as he called it. His overconfidence in his people and himself led to several humiliations, which eventually led to the destruction of the Kilhorde, and it also led to significant arrogance and defiance, which were prohibited by the Kilji path. Nakirre, in his dream for a world in peace and order, united by the Kilji beliefs, allied himself with the Grysks, and was defiant against them, recalling the enlightenmet in an attempt to persuade them to do what he wished, to enlighten the Chiss. Although he showed defiance to the Grysks, he also feared them, and wondered why they had allied themselves with the Illumine when they had powerful starships such as the FateSpinner, comforting himself by thinking that they feared the Kiljis would stop their conquests. His comfort led him to think that he could enlighten the Grysks' leadership himself.[2]

Deeply religious, Nakirre viewed himself as a superior being over all others hat did not follow the Kilji way, including Jixtus, which in fact, controlled the generalirius. Wishing to kill the opressor of the Illumine, Jixtus, Nakirre sought to kill him on various occasions, but decided against it as the Kilji Overlords had accepted his decision to travel with the Grysk, and if the Grysk fleet learnt of Jixtus' death, Nakirre feared they would siege the Kilji homeland. As Jixtus and Thrawn mocked the Kilji and his enlightenment, Nakirre added them to his list of beings that he wished to personally enlighten—or kill—although being generalirius prevented him from fearing anyone, or showing anything other than calmness and superiority, Nakirre feared Jixtus and all beings who could destroy the Kilhorde and the Kiljis. Eventually, the Kilhorde was destroyed by the Paataatus thanks to the alliance with the Grysks, and Nakirre expressed all his emotions to Jixtus, which resulted in his death.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

«You enjoy being master of your ship and your servants, […] Perhaps you enjoy it too much."
"I enjoy it purely because it was through my efforts that these vassals became enlightened.»
―Jixtus and Generalirius Nakirre — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Nakirre was able to lead a government and a battle fleet at the same time. He was also able to command a cruiser and form alliances with other governments. He was the master of all Kilji vassals, and therefore able to bring weak-minded individuals to the Kilji path. Nakirre spoke the Minnisiat trade language which he could understand with Thrawn and Jixtus and spoke Taarja, another trade language, with Captain Roscu.[2]


Nakirre wore a light blue outfit. He also owned and commanded a Kilji war cruiser, the Whetstone.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"I wanted to reintroduce Jixtus and Nakirre, the other, the dynamic we had set up with him and run him into Thrawn and then, um, it couldn't really be done at the end of Greater Good so we had to kind of put it in here and as you say overlap the ending of Greater Good. Like all of them, he is a tool of Jixtus, he doesn't realize it, or thinks he is more important to Jixtus than he really is. […] and it's Nakirre realizing slowly what his real place is in Jixtus' universe that provides a lot of internal tension in his point of view and his worldview as well."
"He, umm, Generalirius represents a very interesting perspective […] and also, the term Generalirius we've heard other people with terms similar to that before, so perhaps, if readers are astute, they will pick up on some similarity."
―Timothy Zahn and Tom Hoeler on Nakirre and Jixtus[3]

Timothy Zahn (pictured) created Nakirre as Jixtus' dynamic

Nakirre appeared in the 2021 novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil, the final volume in Timothy Zahn's Ascendancy Trilogy.[2] In a prior volume of the trilogy, Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good, the term Generalirius is mentioned by a Grysk, who refers to one of his superiors by that term. Following the Grysk's defeat, Chiss Admiral Ar'alani stated that the term could be related to the term of Generalissimo, which was a title held by the chief military commander and civilian leader in some regions past the Tarleev of the Unknown Regions.[4]

Before[3] Lesser Evil's release on November 16, 2021,[5] Zahn was interviewed by Tom Hoeler, an editor from Del Rey, the publishing company which published the Ascendancy Trilogy, and stated that he initially planned to include Nakirre's confrontation with Thrawn at Zyzek in the end of Greater Good, however, that was not possible because it would overlap the ending of the novel. Therefore, the confrontation at Zyzek was pushed to Lesser Evil. Zahn introduced Nakirre as a dynamic of Jixtus, who did not realize that he was a tool of the Grysk, and thought that he is more important than the operative. Hoeler also established in the interview that Nakirre represented a "very interesting perspective" in the novel.[3]


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