Nala tree frogs were native to Ylesia. They were instrumental in the death of Aruk the Hutt.

While serving as overlord on Ylesia, Kibbick discovered that nala tree frogs were most delicious and sent a shipment back to Nal Hutta to his uncle, Aruk. Aruk, too, found them to be delicious and ordered Teroenza to begin regular shipments of them to Nal Hutta. Aruk, who was immensely overweight and nearly a thousand years old, was in terrible health. His physician exhorted him that he stop eating so many nala tree frogs, but he refused, citing his age and experience as justification for doing as he pleased. When Teroenza contacted Jiliac and Jabba, he suggested using a toxin obtained by Jiliac via the nala tree frogs to murder Aruk.

By placing tiny amounts of the toxin on the tree frogs' skin, Aruk would slowly but surely become addicted to the toxin. Many months passed before Teroenza sent a shipment without the toxin exposure, and the shock of withdrawal killed Aruk after an agonizing brain seizure. An Imperial forensics team on Coruscant eventually discovered the cause of Aruk's death, and his son, Durga, made the connection between the nala tree frogs and the Ylesian operation.

Nala tree frogs eventually became regular food staple for Hutts as they were supplied by Fhnark and Company.

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