"Poor Denin... I feel so sorry for him... For everyone on his planet. What's happening on Naldar sounds a lot like what happened to my homeworld - Belderone - right before I joined the Alliance. The two planets are even close together... I hear a lot of Belderones took refuge on Naldar..."

Naldar was an Outer Rim world in the Phelleem sector.


"The Empire… I know the Alliance defeated most of them… But a lot of their forces didn’t capitulate. They regrouped on my homeworld – Naldar! They’re slaughtering my people…"
Princess Vila[src]

Many refugees from Belderone fled to nearby Naldar when that world was subjugated by the Galactic Empire,[2][3] after the Battle of Hoth.[2]

Naldar was attacked by the Galactic Empire in 2 ABY. Even if the planet managed to resist the invasion, Prince Denin was killed while defending the rest of the royal family.[2]

Subjugation of Naldar

The Heroes of Yavin fighting on Naldar.

The planet was eventually conquered after the Battle of Endor by Imperial forces led by Dark Jedi Flint. The local Princess, Vila, impersonated her deceased brother Denin—who had wished to be a Jedi Knight—and went for help from the Alliance of Free Planets on Endor. The Heroes of Yavin then went to Naldar where they fought Imperial troops. Luke Skywalker and Barney managed to redeem Flint who finally destroyed himself the Imperial planetary energy cannon. An Imperial blaster bolt meant for Flint was intercepted by the princess, who died. Her spirit and that of her brother were reunited in the Force.[2]



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