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"I know the knowledge he gathered was twisting his mind."
"I... miscalculated. Nalen's mind wasn't equal to the wisdom he demanded. I have made... not a successor, but a monster."
―Master Rajivari addressed by his seeker regarding Nalen Ronach[1]

Nalen Raloch was a Force-sensitive male Twi'lek who settled in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War, with its community on Tython. He was revered by the rest of the Pilgrims as a great hero. However, after submitting to the dark side, his mind was confused, and was under the influence of knowledge of the fallen Jedi, Rajivari. He would eventually try to destroy the Jedi on Tython, but his efforts failed when a Jedi Padawan was able to stop him.


During the Great Galactic War, Raloch and his community of Pilgrims were forced to leave their old homes from Ryloth and traveled to the planet Tython where they would remain in peace, and would not get involved in any conflict across the galaxy. Due to his Force-sensitivity, Nalen would be offered to be sent to the Jedi Order for training but he refused since he didn't want to be taken away from his home. After finding a perfect spot to build their civilization Tython, the Pilgrims held a relationship with the Jedi, who had settled after the destruction of their Temple on Coruscant. However, with the Republic considered their settlement invalid, the Jedi was forbid from sending any support despite their hardships. Leading the twi'lek to harbor bitter feeling, including Nalen. Situation turned worse as they had to protect themselves against the dangers on Tython, particularly the vicious Flesh Raiders. It was then Raloch proven his enormous talent for combat and his force-sensitivity, He was considered as a great hero, and swore to protect the village at any cost.

One day, during the Festival of Awakening, he found an ancient Jedi holocron of the fallen Jedi Rajivari and whom he received a rudimentary education in the Force. He found a reference to Rajivari's great knowledge, and went on a quest to find the source. Through his obsession in protecting the village and his love ones that he cared for, he was pulled towards the dark side under Rajivari's influence. As Nalen leaned toward the dark side, he became increasingly aggressive and obsessed on become more powerful. Eventually, Nalen found his prize in the form of the Fount of Rajivari; the secret laboratory of the fallen master. He was also confronted by a young Padawan of Jedi master Yuon Par, who noted the Twi'lek's disturbing condition. With the Jedi hot on his trails, Nalen implores his more sinister abilities to outwit them. In one of such occasions, Nalen disguised himself as Master Yuon to gain the exact location from Qyzen Fess.

Despite his head start against the Jedi, Nalen prove to be a less-than-desirable student to Rajivari's teachings. The Fount is defended by trials that demand understanding to Rajivari's principles. Instead of overcoming puzzles and illusions, Nalen forced his way into the inner sanctuary. In the main chamber, he was introduced to Rajivari's spirit and his invention: a device which can transfer decades of experience and knowledge into oneself. Demanding wisdom, Nalen used the device on himself. Unfortunately, Raloch's mind broke and to Rajivari's horror, Raloch decided to destroy the Jedi on Tython in revenge for leaving the Pilgrims to die at the hands of the Flesh Raiders. His first goal was the Forge, where the Order's lightsabers produced.

Shortly after, Raloch reached the Forge with his fellow Twi'leks, only to find his rival waiting with a green lightsaber. Pleaded by Master Rajivari to stop Raloch from destroying the Jedi Order and himself, the young Jedi reached the Forge ahead and crafted his own lightsaber. As Raloch and the apprentice face each other, he accused the Jedi for keeping Rajivari's knowledge for themselves while neglecting his people's suffering. The Consular respond with gentle rebuke that his cause was lost to these people he claimed to protect. Angered by his peers' disapproval, Raloch dueled the Jedi with his vibrosword. Raloch had the upper hand at beginning, but the Padawan disarmed the Dark Pilgrim, and defeated him. Kneeling down in agony, Nalen taunted the Padawan to kill him in front of the people who held honor for their hero. The Padawan spared him, and took the wounded Twi'lek to the temple where he could be healed. The Jedi Council had a discussion of what to do with him, but the Padawan decided that Nalen should become a Jedi and follow the ways of the light side.

Nevertheless, Nalen recovered from his injury and was visited by Bashenn and Matriarch Kolovish. Still confused by his own action, Nalen thanks the Consular for sparing his life by sending a hololetter, not before commenting on his former enemy's riposte.

Personality and traits[]

Not much is known about Nelan's life before becoming a hero and champion for his skills and bravery against Flesh Raiders. Although his fellow villagers noted that he became much more isolated and elusive after he contacted with Rajivari's hologram. It is notable that his sole purpose is to protect his village and his friends responded by coming to his rally at the Forge, implying a deep fraternity.

However, his cause paved way for the Dark side to convert it to fear and obsession. He embarked on a harsh quest to seek Rajivari's knowledge of the Force, with no regard to the Jedi's heritage and risks to himself. Even Rajivari himself denounced Nelan's hunger for power.

His salvation came in unlikely form of his pursuer; the Padawan who raced him to the Fount of Rajivari. Deducting from Nelan's disturbed speech and action, he realizes Nelan is more confused than corrupted and resolved the situation with might and mercy. He defeated Nelan and treated him in Jedi temple. The recovered Nelan recognizes he had forgotten about simple things like food and was able to write a small hololetter to thank the amnesty.

Nalen Raloch mostly spent his time alone. Though he was not into festivals, he did the Waker's Dance with his people in 3644 BBY.

Powers and abilities[]

Nalen was a very capable warrior, earning a hero-like status within his people. He showed great power by causing a large cave to crumble with the use of telekinesis. He was also able to capture the capable Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess by mind tricking the latter into thinking that Nalen was the Trandoshan's old friend, Jedi Master Yuon Par, and then catching him off-guard. However, these capabilities were not good enough to resist Rajivari's trap at the Fount of Rajivari and though he ultimately survived them, his mind was severely injured.

Behind the scenes[]

Nalen Raloch can either be killed for dark side points, or taken prisoner for light side points. Additionaly, the Jedi Consular can tell Allia (or Henni; depending on whether they killed the former or not) and Keth that they will let the Jedi council decide which does not give any alignment points. As the player character is a Republic-aligned character, this article assumes that the player picked the light-side option.



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