«It is simply the turning of history, where the old is swept away by the better new.»
―Naleshekan's thoughts on the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War[src]

Naleshekan was a male Selkath who lived in Ahto City on the world of Manaan during the Jedi Civil War. He was a judge within the Ahto City Civil Authority's court. A moderate supporter of the Sith Empire, Naleshekan saw the Sith conquest as an inevitable process of history, the result of which would see the old government replaced by a new, supposedly better one.

He, along with his fellow judges, presided over the Sunry case as well as both trials in which the amnesiac Revan was a defendant; these included the Raid on the Sith Embassy and the aftermath of the demise of the Galactic Republic's Hrakert Station.

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