"The Margrave planned to terraform the moon, which he named Nallastia, after his wife, and establish a colony."
―Jedi Knight Bultar Swan[src]

Nallastia was a terraformed moon of Fondor. It was settled by colonists from Darpa sector. It was ruled by a monarchy, and chose not to join the Galactic Republic.

The moon received its name in about 4000 BBY, when the self-proclaimed Margrave Octan of the Darpa sector purchased the Fondor satellite, in order to save it from industrial exploitation. A member of the Darpa sector ruling family known as the Royal Octans, the Margrave terraformed the moon, which he named after his wife, and established a colony there. To transport his family and 867 colonists, the Margrave commissioned a starship named the Sun Runner.

Nallastians, keepers of the terraformed jungles, were environmentalists and preservationists to the point of religious fervor, and had bad relations with the Fondor Guild of Starshipwrights. The Fondorians viewed the Nallastians as simple-minded nature lovers, while the Nallastians regarded Fondor's citizens as the worst kind of industrialists. Each populace provided food and protection, respectively, but avoided each other beyond that mutually beneficial reciprocity.[1]

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