"What do you want? Mudlicker."

Nallek was a male Human and a veteran of the Jedi Civil War.


He later became a mercenary in the wake of the conflict's end, joining up with a group of veterans under the leadership of a former Sith trooper, Azkul. He traveled to Dantooine with the group, which had been paid by the Exchange to take over the Khoonda government by killing Administrator Terena Adare. When Meetra Surik visited the mercenary camp while on the grassy, Outer Rim world looking for Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, he attempted to insult her by calling her a "mudlicker."

Behind the scenesEdit

The Exile can either respond to the insult with one of her own, which causes Nallek to become hostile and attack, or persuade him to talk and give information on the mercenaries using the Force. Neither action earns light or dark side points.

It is likely, though unconfirmed, that Nallek was killed during the Battle of Khoonda.


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