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The Nalroni were kynoid sapients indigenous to Celanon. While most of their planet was taken up by farms and plantations, their planet's central city, Celanon City, was one of the main trading cities and spaceports on the Celanon Spur. Their society was divided into the rural Nalroni and the urban Celanites.



Originally a predatory species, the Celanite Nalroni used their hunting instincts to become skilled traders and negotiators. Nearly all Celanites were merchants who lived in the sprawling walled metropolis of Celanon City. In addition to commercial profits, tariffs and bribes from all off-world trade going through Celanon City made the Celanites quite wealthy. Their merchant guilds and trading companies were among the wealthiest and most influential in their sector. Celanites wore the most ornate and expensive clothing they could afford, as a mark of their status. Celanites considered their trading guilds to be more important than family or tribe.

The vast majority of Nalroni lived rural lifestyles, organized in clans and tribes. Though they modified their traditional lifestyles to use droid labor and Imperial-supplied prefabricated housing, they were suspicious of offworld influence. The merchant guilds who ruled Celanon were sensitive to these concerns, and allowed few offworlders outside Celanon City's walls. They also made sure to distribute the wealth of Celanon City to the tribes, and limited the number of young rural Nalroni who were allowed to leave their tribe to become merchants. While the rural tribes were sometimes suspicious of the Celanites' excesses and offworld influence, they were appreciative of the conveniences Celanon City's prosperity gave them.


F'quallix and his cronies



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