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Nam Chorios was a rather desolate planet in the Chorios system that still supported Human life. It was even able to grow vegetation, such as brachniel and gomex moss. The planet was in a constant state of dusk due to its dim sun. About 752 BBY, the planet was colonized by refugees from Meridian. The Grissmath Dynasty of Meridian founded a penal colony on the world around 700 BBY. The Grissmaths introduced drochs to the planet in a failed attempt to kill the prisoners. Centuries later, a Hutt Jedi named Beldorion traveled to Nam Chorios and discovered that its Tsil crystals' energy magnified his Force abilities. Beldorion would set himself up as a petty local tyrant.

Nam Chorios

A Force Storm on Nam Chorios.

Eventually, the descendants of the original prisoners had become a tough, independent group of settlers called the "Oldtimers". A group of Force-sensitive Oldtimers organized themselves into the Theran Listeners. In 19 BBY, Seti Ashgad was exiled to Nam Chorios by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for opposing increased security measures, a move which upset Bail Prestor Organa. The Oldtimers came into conflict with a more recent group of settlers called the "Newcomers" in 13 ABY. Seti Ashgad planned to unleash a deadly infestation of drochs throughout the Meridian sector called the Death Seed as part of a deal with Moff Getelles of the Antemeridian sector and the Loronar Corporation, in which Getelles's navy would then invade the Meridian Sector. However, their plot failed because of Jedi and New Republic efforts and the intervention of Admiral Natasi Daala.

The planet was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong as they swept through the Meridian sector on their way toward Hutt Space.[3]

In 44 ABY, Luke and Ben Skywalker confronted the dark side entity Abeloth, as well as a group of Sith, on the planet.

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