The Namana-class light cruiser was a warship of the Bakuran Defense Fleet.


Named for the addictive fruit of Bakura, the Namana-class provided flank cover to larger Bakura-class destroyers. In solo missions, Namana-class vessels relied on the skills of their commanders to emerge victorious.


It was a Namana-class light cruiser that first tested the Bakuran hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer shortly before the Corellian Crisis.

One such ship was the Intruder, the flagship of the Bakuran Defense Fleet during the Battle of Centerpoint Station. The Intruder was the second ship of the Bakuran Fleet to be destroyed in the Corellian crisis, with the first being the Bakura-class destroyer Watchkeeper. It was destroyed during the Battle of Centerpoint Station after being damaged by three camouflaged robot ramships. Even though it was critically damaged, the ship could have been captured and refitted, but Gaeriel Captison and Admiral Hortel Ossilege activated the self-destruct and happened to take out half of the Saccorian fleet-and themselves in addition to everyone else on the ship. They did this so that it would not be captured.



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