"She is saying "Welcome"!"
―C-3PO translates Ghima's greeting to Rey[3]

Nambi Ghima was a female Aki-Aki who resided on the planet Pasaana. At the Festival of the Ancestors, Ghima gave Rey a necklace.[1] At the festival, she wore blue daswoad-dyed robes.[4]


Festival of the Ancestors[]

Ghima: "«My name is Nambi Ghima.»"
C-3PO: "Her name is Nambi Ghima."
Rey: "That's an excellent name. I'm Rey."
Ghima: "«I would be honoured to your family name too.»"
C-3PO: "She would be honoured to your family name too."
Rey: "I don't have one. I'm just Rey."
―Ghima asks for Rey's family name[1]

Ghima greets Rey on Pasaana during the Festival of the Ancestors

In the year 35 ABY,[3] Ghima was on the desert planet Pasaana during the Festival of the Ancestors held that year. Resistance members Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and BB-8 arrived on Pasaana to find Ochi of Bestoon and his blade, Ghima approached Rey and introduced herself to her in her native language with C-3PO translating for her. Ghima then gave Rey a husk necklace and asked her what her name was. Rey then introduced herself as "Rey." Ghima asked the aspiring Jedi what her surname was but she replied that she did not have one. Rey was then later in a Force bond with Kylo Ren, who snatched the necklace Ghima had given her and used it to locate her Resistance allies on Pasaana.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Nambi Ghima first appeared in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker. She was portrayed by Kiran Shah, and voiced by Debra Wilson.[1] According to Wilson, she was allowed to create her own "Gibberish" language for the character.[5]


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