The Nami were a nomadic species of sentients in the Outer Rim Territories.


Originally from the Galactic Core, they were driven into the Rim during the Clone Wars and largely forgotten.

Years later, a female Nami leader named Ali Tarrak came to power. Forces under her command captured a prototype of the new TIE/D Defender starfighter produced by the Galactic Empire, and very nearly precipitated an arms race by attempting to sell that technology to the Rebels. Under her leadership, the Nami proved a serious new threat to the balance of power in the Empire, having acquired one its most advanced starfighters and assembled their own facilities to pursue independent production of these starfighters. The Nami also proved a highly tenacious foe in battle, wreaking havoc on TIE Defender facilities loyal to the Empire during Tarrak's reign. Eventually she was captured and sent to Coruscant, where she would be trained to serve the Emperor. Deprived of their production centers and their leader, the Nami species sank back into obscurity.

The Nami were Human-sized, if not Humans themselves, as they could comfortably fly TIE Defenders produced to Human pilot standards. Tarrak's voice over the radio comlink during the prototype-capture conflict sounded very Human and accentless.

Prior to their short-lived acquisition of the TIE Defender, the Nami also flew the T-wing interceptor as their primary strike fighter, along with a formidable wing of Y-wing starfighters. They also maintained a small fleet of combat ships, several of them Strike-class medium cruisers, such as the Bognog, . They maintained numerous facilities for manufacturing the TIE Defender upon their capture of such ships, but these were eventually destroyed by the Empire, depriving the Nami of their brief spaceflight advantage.



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