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"Hidden relics of the Force will give me the power I need to rise to the top of the ranks of the Sith."
―Namman Cha[src]

Namman Cha was a Human male and an aspiring Dark Jedi in the service of the Galactic Empire who believed that he could become a Dark Lord of the Sith through the discovery of ancient relics, like the Codex of Tython. He was an imposing warrior, calling for no quarter in a brutal attack. His hate had pushed him to learn to use a shoto, a short-bladed lightsaber.[2]


Uncovering smuggling activities[]

"As I have shadowed Rebel movements in this sector, I see more and more of this Corellian pilot, Rendar, with each passing day."
―Namman Cha[src]

From time to time Cha, to his great disgust, was tasked by the Emperor to work with the Imperials. One such occasion involved Cha aiding the Imperial Security Bureau in uncovering a Rebel smuggling operation. Shadowing Rebel movements in the vicinity of Naboo, Cha saw the evidence of the Corellian pilot Dash Rendar's involvement in the smuggling scheme. Cha preferred to simply destroy the traitor, but he was required to learn the Corellian's contacts first. He sent an undercover agent to follow Rendar,[3] while he himself, accompanied by several of his Sith Shadow minions, attempted to get aboard his ship, the Outrider. Though their plans were ultimately foiled by Rendar's security,[4] the ISB operative successfully identified Rendar's Rebel contact as Major Coret Bhan. Pleased with the report, Cha sent the agent to follow the smuggler's ship to uncover more of his activities.[3]

Operations in the Corellia system[]

"Lord Vader himself ordered me to destroy the Rebel base on Talus, and I intend to be very thorough."
―Namman Cha[src]

Shortly before the Battle of Talus, Cha, investigating Rebel activity in the Corellian system, ambushed a meeting of Rebel agents in the Corellian spaceport. However, Cha was not aware that thanks to intelligence efforts, the Rebels were ready for the attack. Cha and his minions did not expect to find a large number of Rebels, as well as several CorSec operatives in the spaceport at the same time. After several of his minions were defeated, Cha ordered a retreat and escaped with a few of his adepts.[5]

Cha, fighting Hoth indigenous wampas

Search for the exiled Nightsister[]

"I have tracked a gifted Force-user to this worthless planet. A Nightsister from Dathomir."
―Namman Cha[src]

While on a mission to Dathomir, Cha became interested in the Nightsister Kyrisa, who had mastered the power of Animal friendship. Sensing that her ability to control the beasts of Dathomir was special, Cha determined that Kyrisa could become a powerful ally to the Emperor and intended to recruit her to his cause.[6] However, before Cha could get to the Nightsister, she was exiled from the planet by the Clan mother Gethzerion for a failed attempt to claim the leadership of the clan.[7] It took Cha some time to track her down, but eventually he determined that she had crashed on the remote Outer Rim world of Hoth. He contacted one of his Imperial agents to aid him in the search and the two met on Hoth, where they agreed to check different search grids and stay in touch with each other.[8]

Cha and Kyrisa engaged in a lightsaber combat.

During his search, Cha discovered that he wasn't the only one interested in the Nightsister. His old enemy Rachi Sitra was also looking for Kyrisa, with the help of some Rebels from the small local outpost. After killing a local Hoth hog, Cha was spotted by one of the Rebels and, after a brief conversion, attacked his competitor. However, the Rebel was able to knock the lightsaber out of Cha's hand and while the Dark Jedi made a leap to recover it, he admitted that as much as he would have fun to kill the Rebel, fighting the Nightsister was his first priority and time was critical. He left the Rebel be and continued his search of Kyrisa.[9] He was soon back on her trail by following her beasts, he found several wampas and fought them, and eventually he found the Nightsister and, after a fierce lightsaber fight, was able to persuade her to join him.[10][11]

Namman Cha, a Jar'Kai practitioner

Powers and abilities[]

Namman Cha was adept at lightsaber combat, and regularly made use of dual lightsabers, displaying his use of Jar'Kai. He could also cast Force lightning, and was adept and many other Force powers, such as Force push.



Namman Cha's remorseless nature.

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