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"Doza just canceled another race."

Namua was a Nautolan male who lived on the Colossus platform in 34 ABY. He sold fruit at the Colossus marketplace. Namua was one of a number of residents who, upon encountering Torra Doza, daughter of Colossus Captain Imanuel Doza, at the marketplace, bombarded her with questions about the pirate attacks and canceled races.


"Hey look! It's Torra Doza"

Namua lived on the Colossus platform, and sold fruit in the marketplace.[2] In 34 ABY he watched the race between Torra Doza, and the newcomer Kazuda Xiono from his stall.[3] Later on, Xiono used his stall as cover when spying on someone while he sold fruit to them. During the raid on the Colossus, Namua hid in a shelter until the pirates retreated.[2] He was walking the corridors when Xiono ran down to try and save Jace Rucklin.[4] Namua was also working at his store when the droid BB-8 was searching for Xiono.[5]

When the pirates attacked again, Namua went to salvage the content of a hoverlift that had been rammed into a pirate.[6] Sometime after, Namua was in the market and spotted Torra Doza, daughter of Colossus Captain Imanuel Doza. Him and a few others bombarded her with questions about what Doza was doing regarding pirate attacks and canceled races.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Namua was a male Nautolan with green skin and black eyes.[1]


Namua wore sand and blue colored clothing.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Namua first appeared in "The Recruit", the first episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One.[3] He was first identified in "Secrets and Holograms", where he was voiced by Stephen Stanton.[1]



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