Nanda's Luck was the fishing vessel of the Aqualish Captain Bipopa Bogzider.

Sissalik, a male Mon Calamarian slave, joined Nanda's Luck's crew shortly after he had poisoned and killed his enslaver Farvakine, then escaping from the planet Tatooine. During their 99th day on sea, Nanda's Luck was attacked by the Majestic, the flagship of Pyash Yopayomba, the Pirate Queen of Ando. After a short skirmish, the pirates emerged victorious with Yopayomba killing Bogzider and appointing Sissalik as the new Captain of Nanda's Luck.

The ship's cargo of Andoan mineral-fish shells were replaced with explosives. Yopayomba's plan was to ram the Quantill City harbor terminal port, thereby possibly taking out a good portion of the city filled with revelers of the Portage Moon Festival. Pre-planted evidence would then place the blame on racist Aquala extremists, which would start a planetary civil war, benefiting the Galactic Empire. In exchange for her help in the plot, Yopayomba was to be given complete control of Ando's oceans.

However, Sissalik took control of the ship through the manual bridge controls. He left his journal log in a Aquala cuttlewine bottle with an open comlink before ramming Nanda's Luck straight to the Majestic.


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