Nanta was a male Ewok native to the forest moon of Endor who fought against the Imperial forces who were occupying the moon during the Battle of Endor.[2] Nanta was shot and killed by a laser blast from an AT-ST. Romba, who had been fighting the Imperials alongside Nanta, stayed behind and wept over his fallen comrade.[2]

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Romba weeps for his friend, Nanta.

This once-unidentified Ewok was often referred to by fans as "Corpsey" because of his or her memorable death scene in Return of the Jedi.[3][4] Author Benjamin Harper attempted to assign the name Lana to this Ewok (who he also asserted was female) in his 2008 trivia book Obsessed With Star Wars, but he was ultimately not allowed to give the slain Ewok a proper name.[5]

In 2012, a Toys "R" Us exclusive action figure pack, the Ewok Pack from Hasbro's Star Wars: Movie Heroes set, contained a figure for this character and assigned him the name "Nanta" on the packaging,[1] which was based on the words Romba was saying when attempting to rouse the then-recently deceased Ewok.[source?]



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