Naomi Dargon was the Imperial Grand Moff of the Corellian sector during the Imperial Period, and the successor of Fliry Vorru. She ordered the devastation of Froz for the Frozians' support of the Rebel Alliance.

The oldest daughter of a family of Coruscant industrialists and early supporters of Palpatine, Naomi Dargon was given a prominent governmental position as a reward for her family's loyalty to the New Order.

With her managerial skills, in addition to military tactics and powerful political connections, she was ensured Fliry Vorru's position as Grand Moff of the Corellian sector. In her years in office she cemented her position by avoiding involvement in criminal activity, ignoring the Black Sun and destroying any sedition against her or the Empire and manipulating the various factions of the Sector against one another.

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