"As remote a world as can be found in known space, my lord."
Count Dooku, to Darth Sidious[src]

Naos III was a frigid moon in Wild Space, near Smuggler's Run and the Corellian Run. Naos III served as the name for both the moon and the sole area of habitation on it.

The locals exported Naos sharptooth fish, and the Naos III Mercantile controlled most businesses. The streets were known to be mucky, and dangerous. There was little sanitation, with debris being shuffled to the side of the roadway.

The authorities on the planet had not declared an official drinking limit, which resulted in the drunkenness of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi while on a mission to find the pilot of an experimental shuttle described by the Bith, Thal K'sar.

The planet had low-slung prefab buildings. Icicles decorated almost every building. The streets were mostly damaged ceramacrete paving. Very little of the local climate control machinery was in good repair, in keeping with the local ethos.

Colonists from Rodia and Ryloth were lured here in hope of discovering rich veins of ryll spice in the moon's volcanically heated cave systems.

Most of the moon's indigenous herbivores and carnivores had been hunted to extinction by early colonists except for bovine rycrits and woolier than-normal banthas.

The moon's continued habitation led to the discovery of a delicacy fish available from the ice-covered rivers. These fish were known as the Naos sharptooth, a galactic delicacy from Mon Calamari to Corellia.

There were many female Lethan Twi'leks on Naos III.

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