Nar-Somo-Dali was an Elder of the planet of Cerea around the year 33 BBY. He was a friend of Jedi Watchman Ki-Adi-Mundi, and with his help, uncovered a plot to smuggle illegal technology to the planet by fellow Elder Dorr-Femi-Bonmi, in association with the Chevin smuggler Ephant Mon.


In 33 BBY, the ProTech movement reached its peak and the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was charged by the rebel Bron with the murder, and Nar-Somo-Dali leading the trial. He spoke Mundi freely because he recognized the truth by examining the lightsaber and some video footage. Nar-Somo-Dali and Mundi came to the conclusion that the ProTech movement had to be fought and the real culprit, Maj-Odo-Nomor, was responsible and managed to arrest him. While Mundi pursued the tracks of his daughter Sylvn and at the same time pursued the ProTechs, Maj-Odo-Nomor provided the Jedi regularly with the latest information. So he told Mundi also that behind the movement was a smuggling ring under the Chevin Ephant Mon and the corrupt Senator Dorr-Femi-Bonmi. Because of this scandal, Bron had to flee, causing the movement to flatten.



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