Nar Chan was a Twi'lek female who became a Dreamdancer during the time of the Galactic Republic. At some point prior to 38 BBY, she resided at Poloda Place, an apartment complex located on the Republic's capital planet, Coruscant. While living at the complex, Chan held multiple bacchanals that each lasted for a week and were still viewed as infamous by the year 18 BBY.


A Twi'lek female named Nar Chan was born at some point[2] prior to the year 38 BBY. By then,[1] she was a Dreamdancer and had lived at an apartment complex known as Poloda Place, which was located on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic. While staying at Poloda Place, Chan held bacchanals inside the court of the apartment complex, each of which lasted for a week's time. By 18 BBY,[3] these events were still viewed as infamous, and many considered Chan to be very immoral. Around that year, the Sullustan reporter Den Dhur thought about Chan and her bacchanals while he was in Poloda Place, remembering the artistic individuals who had lived there due to its perceived safety, spacious living areas, and low rent.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Despite the infamous reputation of her bacchanals, Nar Chan continued to hold the events on multiple occasions. Many people viewed her to be an extremely decadent and immoral person.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Nar Chan was first mentioned in Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows, a 2008 novel written by Michael Reaves. The book did not provide any context on what a Dreamdancer was beyond explaining that Chan and the rest of the individuals mentioned in the section were considered to be artists.[2]


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