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Nar Shaddaa wind chimes were a type of traditional, wind-activated musical instrument constructed by the Hutts on Nar Shaddaa. They consisted of several metallic cylinders hanging on fine threads, in the middle of which would hang a Hutt-shaped piece of flattened metal. The wind caused the Hutt shape to move and waver, hitting the chimes and thus producing a metallic noise. The Nar Shaddaa wind chimes were a symbol of renewal in Hutt society.[1]

Jabba Desilijic Tiure, the kajidii of the Desilijic clan, possessed a set of such windchimes, made of four tubes.[2] That set was among the few possessions that Jabba brought with him when he moved the headquarters of his criminal empire from Nar Shaddaa[1] to the sun-scorched world of Tatooine in 516 BBY. The Hutt had a throne room built in the subterranean level of a former monastery of the B'omarr Order, which became his palace.[3] The crime lord's wind chime was hung in the archway of the main entrance to the throne room.[2] It was still hanging there in 4 ABY,[4] but Jabba's assassination that same year caused the palace and all it contained to fall into abandonment.[2]



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