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"You better watch that kind of talk. It's not good for your heath."
―Narb, warning Nod[src]

Narb was a male Snivvian that lived on the Colossus on Castilon. He worked for the Aleen Grevel in the betting of the races on the Colossus. Narb was usually seen with his brother Nod at Aunt Z's Tavern, the Colossus marketplace, or watching the races that usually took place at the refueling station. One night, Nod confronted Narb over what Narb owed him. They soon realized that Kazuda Xiono was listening in and they threatened him. Xiono, however, got away. Sometime later, Narb tried to rob the Office of Acquisitions, but was sent falling through a trap door by the owners.


Kaz's arrival[]

Narb on the Colossus.

Narb was a Snivvian who lived on the Colossus, an independent refueling station on Castilon. When Kazuda Xiono first arrived on the platform, Narb was fighting with two DUM-series pit droids. Shortly after, he and his brother, Nod,[3] were at Aunt Z's tavern. During their visit, Xiono got into a commotion with the Klatooinian Bolza Grool. The Aleena Grevel, who Narb worked for, tried to intervene and collect some credits Xiono owed him, but Grool tossed him away, and he fell into Nod's arms. Grevel then threw a cup at Grool, who threw Xiono into a serving droid. A cup flung out of the droid's hand and into the Rodian Glem, causing him to start throwing cups at Nod. Both now aggravated, Nod and Narb joined the commotion and an all out bar fight broke out until Jarek Yeager silenced the chaos with his blaster.[1]

Shortly after, the Nikto Neeku Vozo rushed into the tavern, announcing Xiono as a new challenger for the next race on the Colossus. Narb and the other patrons cheered at this. Sometime later, Narb and Nod were viewing a race with several others. Xiono and Neeku were joined the group when the races host, Jak Sivrak, announced Xiono as the next challenger. Sivrak presented, to Xiono, the racers and asked him which one he wished to challenge. Xiono picked Torra Doza and Narb and the others laughed at this. Narb and Nod attended their race the next day and witnessed Xiono's racer, the Fireball, crash into the ocean.[1]

Dealings in the marketplace[]

"My boss Grevel always collects. No exceptions."
―Narb backs Grevel[src]

Narb and Nod confront Kazuda Xiono

One day, Narb was confronted by Nod over some credits he owed him. While they argued, Nod spotted Xiono spying on them from behind a crate. Nod grabbed him and picked him up by his collar when Grevel appeared for another attempt to collect the credits Xiono owed him. Xiono ran and the two Snivvians chased him through the Colossus marketplace. Grevel pushed a box in front of Xiono, tripping him over, and Narb and Nod picked him up. Grevel led them out of the open area to deal with Xiono. Grool passed the confrontation and Xiono's droid, BB-8, electrocuted him. In his moment of shock, Grool threw his crate of gorgs in the air and the gorgs landed on Grevel and the Snivvians. Xiono used this to his advantage and escaped.[4]

Sometime later, Narb was in the market place talking to Nod and another individual. Near to them, Commander Pyre and two stormtroopers were questioning residents over the location of two children.[5] Narb was also at the market when BB-8 was searching for his master[6] and when Torra Doza was confronted by the residents about the absence of the platforms races.[7]

When Marcus Speedstar came to the Colossus to participate in the racing event known as the Platform Classic, he stopped at Aunt Z's tavern for a drink with his mechanic Oplock. Narb, Nod, and the other residents approached him and offered to pay for his drink, which he declined. Narb later watched an annual race called the Platform Classic with Nod.[8]

Attempted robbery[]

"Alright, hand over the money. Now!"
―Narb attempts to rob Flix and Orka[src]

A while after, Narb went to rob the Office of Acquisitions. He pointed his blaster at the owners, Flix and Orka, and demanded they hand over their credits. Flix and Orka did so, but overloaded his lifting capacity with boxes. As they directed Narb back towards the door with his heavy load, Flix activated a trapdoor, sending the Snivvian falling through. Orka caught boxes as he fell. Nod soon came looking for his brother, but Flix and Orka played the same trick on him.[3] Nod soon found Narb, and some time after, they went to watch another race. They stood either side of Grevel while they spectated.[9]

Personality and traits[]

"Oh…I think he's getting a little angry, Grevel."
―Narb teases Xiono[src]

Narb was a male Snivvian with white skin, black hair, and black eyes. He spent a lot of time with his brother, Nod, and used brute for to deal with his annoyances.[1] Narb also liked to get involved with criminal dealings like betting[4] and theft.[3]


Narb wore a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off and brown trousers and gray shoes. He had bandaging aesthetically wrapped around his forearms and shins[1] and he owned a blaster.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Narb was created for Star Wars Resistance, first appearing in the Season One premiere, "The Recruit."[1] He was then identified in the following episode, The Triple Dark, where he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.[4]



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