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Narglatches were a species of carnivorous mammalian[3] cats native to the frigid world of Orto Plutonia.[1] This type of felines were considered to be sacred by the indigenous Talz, who used them as mounts and a source of food.[4]

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Narglatches in the galaxy[edit | edit source]

Talz chieftain Thi-Sen riding a narglatch

Narglatches were sometimes hunted for their pelt, which was vulnerable to blaster fire and considered valuable by some cultures, such as the Trandoshans.[2][5][6]

Narglatch cubs were considered to be cute and were often kept as pets, but their ferocity increased as they matured. Those that escaped from captivity were a threat on Coruscant.[2]

The Dug Preigo owned a narglatch, which was one of several performers in the Dug's traveling circus on Florrum, called Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder. During his time at the circus, the youngling Wookiee Gungi was dressed like a narglatch.[7]

During the Battles of Umbara, Scipio and Anaxes, a Republic gunship was painted with a narglatch for nose art.[8]

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