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"Welcome to Narkina 5."
―Prison warden to the new captives[3]

"Narkina 5" is the eighth episode of the first season of Andor. The episode is directed by Toby Haynes and written by Beau Willimon.[1]

Official description[]

The Empire catches up to Cassian, but are as yet unaware of his identity and past.

Expanded description[]

While lying low, Cassian is swept up in an Imperial crackdown with little more than a false identity as protection. The Empire are unaware of his true past, but send him to toil in a high security prison. Meanwhile, the Imperial Security Bureau continues to piece together intelligence on acts of sedition.

Plot summary[]

Con Air[]

On Niamos, Cassian Jeron Andor, who is still posing as "Keef Girgo," and other prisoners are herded onto various prison transports. When asked his homeworld by a shoretrooper, Andor claims that he is from Deris-plata. He is ordered to board a transport heading to Narkina 5. Other prisoners board transports heading to various locations including Belsavis. Andor and his fellow prisoners are ordered to remove their shoes and have their hands shackled to their seats.

A fateful meeting[]

Meanwhile on Coruscant, Syril Karn is working at his computer monitor at the Imperial Bureau of Standards when he is visited by two Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers. Later, Karn is greeted in an interrogation cell by Lieutenant Dedra Meero, the ISB Supervisor for the Morlana sector. Meero seeks Karn's assistance in filling gaps about the Ferrix Incident. Meero tells Karn that she has found out that he has filed six false requests to the Bureau of Standards' Data Center for information suggesting that Andor worked in the fuel refinery industry.

Meero asks Karn what he is doing. Karn explains that he has been using the tools and resources available to search for Andor, whom he regards as a murderer and threat to public order. Meero tells Karn that he has engaged the curiosity of the ISB and asks what he is up to. Karn explains that he is trying to clear his name following the events on Ferrix. When Meero asks about any omissions in Lieutenant Blevin's report, Karn explains that he was not allowed to read the report despite signing it. Regarding Karn as an asset, Meero exits the room and instructs her staffers to hand Blevin's report over to Karn.

Meero's report[]

The Imperial prison transport descends into the atmosphere of Narkina 5, which is covered in ocean. Peering through the viewports, Andor sees several large maritime ships. Back on Coruscant, Meero delivers her full report on the stolen Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit that was recovered on Ferrix to several high-ranking ISB officials including Colonel Wullf Yularen and Major Lio Partagaz. Meero argues that the thefts of Imperial technology is occurring on a galactic scale. Meero also briefs the audience about Andor, informing them that he murdered two corporate security personnel.

Meero believes that Andor was in the act of transferring the Starpath unit to a person codenamed as "Axis", whom she thinks is central to an organized rebel effort to acquire specialized Imperial gear. Yularen goes through a list of items that Meero requests for her investigation including a full planetary comnet, full garrison tech package, Series Nine Spectrum surveillance, local agent funding, and a Code Droid. Yularen thinks this is an expensive investment but Meero counters that it is a fraction of the price of the lost technology.

Besides apprehending Andor, Meero plans to capture "Axis" next. Partagaz backs up Meero, saying that "Axis" has been nimble in spreading his activities his activities around the galaxy. They are unaware of the scope of his activities. Meero describes the events on Ferrix as "Axis"'s first mistake. Meero plans to search for Andor on Ferrix as part of a wider hunt.

Prison induction[]

On Narkina 5, Imperial corrections officers order Andor and the other prisoners to disembark. The warden informs the prisoners that they have been assigned to the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex due to their labor abilities. He informs the prisoners will be assigned to their duties and shifts. The warden then tells the prisoners that they maintain control over the prisoners by activating the shock inducing floor. The warden explains that this was merely the first level and that the floors are made of tunqstoid steel.

Karn's ambition[]

Back on Coruscant, Karn has finished reading Lieutenant Blevin's report. He informs Meero of several omissions including criminal negligence by his commanding officer Chief Inspector Hyne, a total lack of Imperial authority on Ferrix, and the fact that Andor was assisted by local accomplices. Meero also questions Karn about the description of Andor's accomplice, whom he describes as a tall, older man wearing a grey cloak and dark boots. Karn recalls that the accomplice had a distinctive voice. In return for Karn not filing any more requests for information, Meero promises to tell the Bureau of Standards that he was of good service to the Empire today.

Before leaving, Karn emphasizes that he was a competent deputy inspector who solved a double murder and found the killer in two days. Karn offers to help her find Andor and his handler. He emphasizes that he could be a valuable asset to the Empire going forward. Meero warns him not to raise the ISB's attention and to forget this happened.

The factory floor[]

At the Narkina 5 prison, Andor, who is now dressed in a white and orange uniform, is led by his captors into the prison. Following a brief delay, Andor is led down a lift into his factory floor, which is called Unit Five-Two-D. Andor is greeted by a fellow prisoner named Kino Loy, who is the manager of the unit. Andor introduces himself as "Keef." Loy tells Andor that this is a twelve hour shift and assigns him to Table Five. Loy tells Andor that the prisoners are competing against each other and the other floors. Loy has 249 days left in his sentence and says that he has a free hand in running this floor. He emphasizes that he wants to maintain a high level of productivity and tells Andor to come to him if he has problems with the other inmates or is sick.

At Table Five, "Keef" meets his fellow inmates including Jemboc, Xaul, Taga, Ulaf, Ham, Birnok, and Ruescott Melshi. The prisoners are short by one man. Since the floor's productivity level has been deemed unsatisfactory, Loy orders the other prisoners to rush production with the slowest table being punished. The prisoners accelerate work on their machinery.

Separate lives[]

Elsewhere, Senator Mon Mothma has drinks with her husband Perrin Fertha but admits she is only putting up a show. She tells her husband that she is planning to muster votes to oppose the new Imperial legislation. The couple are joined by Tay Kolma. Fertha explains that Mothma is trying to promote the message that she is saving the Empire from the Emperor. Mothma briefly mentions Fertha's days as a cadet. Kolma says that the Empire's new legislation is having a chilling effect. After Fertha leaves, Kolma warns that the Empire's new banking laws are hampering their operations.

Mothma and Kolma are joined by Leida Mothma, who notices that Kolma is around often. Mothma distracts Leida by telling her that her father is looking for her. Mothma speaks with a purple-robed senator who has come to talk about her efforts to muster votes. On Narkina 5, Andor and the other prisoners queue up. Loy tells the other prisoners to keep it down. A dark-skinned human begins gesticulating to another prisoner on a bridge.

Back on Coruscant, Mothma and her allied senators discuss Emperor Palpatine's new laws including the Public Order Resentencing Directive. A bearded senator expresses concern about the dangers of Palpatine's unlimited new security powers. A female senator says they are living in dangerous times while another male senator makes remarks about Chandrilan hospitality.

On Narkina 5, the inmates Xaul amd Jemboc briefs Andor about how his electronically-monitored cell works. The cells are equipped with refreshers while food is fed through tubes. The cells are spotless white.

Jemboc asks Andor what he did to end up in prison. Andor is evasive. Jemboc reveals that the Imperial authorities doubled everyone's sentences following the events on Aldhani. Taga talks about the Public Order Sentencing Directive. Andor feigns ignorance of the events on Aldhani. The other prisoners claim that the rebels slaughtered an entire garrison but other dispute that claim. Another prisoner tries to tell Andor to ignore the numbers but Kino asserts his authority and threatens the other inmate. The intercom system orders the prisoners to go to their cells. Andor is the last to comply and enters his cell before the floors begin flashing red.

At the Coruscant banquet, Fertha asks Mothma to consider how often they spend their time admiring the view. After some flattery, Mothma tells her guests that she and Fertha came as teenagers when she became a senator at the age of 16 years. Per Chandrila custom, they were married at a young age. Mothma asks about Kolma and Fertha says he left early for a function in the morning.

Over the course of 30 shifts, Andor adjusts to life in his automated prison cell which comes with food dispensers and a retractable toothbrush. The prisoners also undergo an automated shower before being given fresh clothes. They then work together on assembling mechanical components. When Andor slows down, Loy tells him to hurry up.

Occupied Ferrix[]

On Ferrix, Bix Caleen and Brasso tend to the ill Maarva Andor, who fell while observing the former hotel, which the Empire has reappropriated as their headquarters. B2EMO is also present at the Andor residence. Despite her old age and missing her adoptive son Cassian Andor, Maarva is still a rebel at heart. Meanwhile, Vel Sartha and Cinta Kaz have a reunion. Kaz reaffirms her commitment to the Rebellion as well as her love for Sartha. They watch Caleen and Brasso opposite the street.

Caleen visits Salman Paak at his repair business Repaak Salyard. Losing the hotel has made it hard for the local rebels to conduct their business. She tells Paak that she needs to look for something at the back. Paak tries to discourage her but she says it is urgent. Caleen climbs up a ladder and activates a radio transmitter.

Hard decisions[]

On Coruscant, Kleya Marki receives a message from Caleen, who is trying to find Andor because his mother is ill. Marki informs Luthen Rael and opines that they should not respond in order to avoid endangering their operations. Rael disagrees and says that their contact on Ferrix can help show them the right direction, since Caleen knows so much more than they do and she might have a lead. Marki thinks that the ISB may have taken over her radio. Marki wants to shut down all contact with Ferrix but Rael is unwilling to abandon them.

Rael also asks whether Sartha and Kaz have reached Ferrix. He tells Marki that the woman's name is Bix Caleen and says that Sartha can check whether the situation on Ferrix is safe. Rael emphasizes that he is not slipping but is coming out of hiding. Marki disagrees and warns about the danger of exposing themselves to vulnerability. Rael reluctantly orders that the transmission be shut down. Back on Ferrix, Caleen reacts with frustration and despair as the radio line is shut down.

Later, Rael flies his Fondor Haulcraft into space. He tells the ship's computer to coordinate alternatives for Segra Milo. The ship computer identifies four routes and Rael opts to take the longest route.

Trouble on different fronts[]

At the Narkina 5 Imperial factory facility, a prisoner named Veemoss commits suicide by jumping out of his cell onto the electrified floor. The other prisoners grumble about the loss of a colleague and several show little sympathy for the deceased man. Loy orders the prisoners to calm down before the announcer orders the prisoners to return to their sleeping platform.

On Ferrix, Caleen watches a crowd gathering outside Repaak Salyard. Imperial officers have arrested Salman Paak after summoning him to the reappropriated hotel. His son Wilmon Paak is visibly outraged and is restrained by an Imperial officer. The lead Imperial officer Captain Vanis Tigo orders stormtroopers to disperse the crowd. Tigo recognizes Caleen but she flees at the urging of Brasso, who is detained by Imperial personnel. Caleen runs through the narrow and winding streets of Ferrix.

Meeting with Saw Gerrera[]

Meanwhile, Rael lands his Fondor Haulcraft at a Partisan base on Segra Milo, which is guarded by Benthic. Rael asks Saw Gerrera if he was involved in the Aldhani Heist but he neither confirms nor denies that he was involved. Getting down to business, Rael offers to trade several pieces of stolen Imperial technology including a full set of Imperial drive adapters and three sealed Steergard targeting deflectors. After Rael confirms that he has the items with him, Gerrera asks Rael to set his price.

Rael tells Gerrera that he wants him to meet Anto Kreegyr, a contact who has been probing the Imperial power station at Spellhaus. Rael says that Kreegyr has found some weaknesses in the defense but that he has an angle. Gerrera is dismissive of Kreegyr's capabilities but Rael insists that Gerrera hear out Kreegyr's plan. Unwilling to work with Kreegyr, Gerrera offers to but the three targeting deflectors but Rael states that they come on the condition that he works with Kreegyr. If he doesn't, Rael warns that he will go to someone else.

When Gerrera insists on working alone, Rael tells him that has got to change. Gerrera is unwilling to risk his people for someone else. Rael tells Gerrera that they need to work together to bring down the Empire, saying that oppression leads to rebellion. Gerrera insists that he is not a mercenary but Rael asks him to imagine Spellhaus in flames. Gerrera labels Kreegyr a Separatist and Maya Pei as a neo-Republican. Gerrera reminds Rael of the various rebels factions that lost including the Partisan Alliance, Sectorists, Human cultists, and Galaxy Partitionists. He asks Rael what he is. Rael responds that he is a coward and a man who is terrified that the Empire's power will grow beyond their means to stop it. Rael says that they need to put aside their differences. Gerrera counters by claiming that he is the only one with clarity of purpose. Rael laughs and says that anarchy is a seductive concept for a man hiding in cold caves and begging for spare parts. Gerrera laughs and refuses to buy parts from Rael, telling him to find someone else to help Kreegyr.

Captives of the Empire[]

On Ferrix, Caleen is captured by Imperial officers and led away in handcuffs. At the repurposed hotel, Captain Tigo informs Lieutenant Meero that Caleen is on her way up and asks if they should remove the battered Paak, who is bound to a chair. Meero says that she wants Caleen to see Paak. After Caleen sees Paak, Meero permits the stormtroopers and Tigo to remove Paak from the room. Meero introduces herself to Caleen before a burly Imperial guard ushers her towards the chair. Elsewhere on Narkina 5, Andor and his fellow prisoners continue assembling machinery.


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