Narloch, also known as Narloch of Giju, was a Herglic entrepreneur and gambler from Giju. He was known to own a casino on the planet Emmer, and was rumored to also have a stake in others on other worlds. He operated mainly in the Nilgaard sector and traveled frequently on his ship, the Elusive.

An illegal bounty was placed on his head of 5,000 credits for the safe return of the stolen Sunburst Pendant, placed by wealthy noble Lord Haakon. The lord became involved in a high stakes game of Sabacc with the Herglic gambler who he expected to clean out. He soon lost most of his fortune including a family heirloom, the Sunburst Pendant. Initially Lord Haakon refused to pay, claiming that the Herglic cheated, but was eventually forced to when Narloch filed a lawsuit and won. Haakon had to sell his planetary holdings and space yachts, leaving him virtually destitute. He therefore placed an illegal bounty on Narloch, dead or alive.



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