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"I can see why Narmle eventually gave up on colonizing this place. I haven't seen such an overgrown planet in a long time."
Dusque Mistflier, on Rori[1]

Narmlé was an ancient King of the planet Naboo whose short-lived reign took place around 2032 BBY. Known as "the Explorer," King Narmlé colonized Naboo's swampy moon of Rori.

Narmlé was widely regarded as a charming and intelligent man. He was a restless explorer who spent most of his time on distant worlds searching for new vistas. The Naboo Royal Advisory Council eventually suggested that Narmlé relinquish his throne and become an ambassador instead. Before Narmlé left office as king, he planned the construction of a new settlement on the Nabooian moon of Rori. He envisioned Rori becoming an active agricultural hub one day, supplying food and medicines to other neighboring planets. However, Rori attracted only few settlers. Frustrated, Narmlé left Rori and vanished into the Outer Rim forever.

By 1 ABY, the city he had helped build still bore his name, Narmle.



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