Narmle Memorial Rally

Narmle Memorial Rally map

Narmle Memorial Rally was an illegal swoop racing competition held annually on the moon of Rori, during the height of the New Order. The track weaved through the streets of Narmle. Legends said that this track retraced a route used by the local smuggler Trein Veltin, who tried to elude the authorities intent on his arrest. His escape was cut short due to a fatal collision with a flesh eating chuba. Since that incident many swoop racers have raced this track in his memory. Eventually it became a semi-formal track for an illegal street race

Race legsEdit

  1. Southern Archway
  2. Crafter's Alley
  3. Hotel Square
  4. Academy Row
  5. The Back Alley
  6. Overlook Entrance
  7. Overlook
  8. Overlook Egress
  9. Vendor's Alley
  10. Rorgungan Ruins
  11. The Forgotten Heroes
  12. Garyn's Lookout
  13. Squall Patch
  14. Chuba Grove
  15. Cloning Facility



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