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The Narquois were a short-sized species that hailed from the planet of Narq. Their skin, their eyes, and the filaments that grew from their heads were all blue, as a means of camouflage in the fungus forests of their homeworld. One notable Narquois was Pru Sweevant, a bandit who attacked vulnerable convoys thanks to his contacts within the Mining Guild.

Biology and appearance[]

The Narquois were sentient humanoids that had evolved from tree-dwelling animals. The blue coloration of their skin as well as the hair-like filaments that grew from their heads served as camouflage in the fungus forests of their homeworld. Their hands featured five digits, including an opposable thumb, each sporting a hard nail. Members of the species were diminutive,[2] as exemplified by the pirate Pru Sweevant.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Narquois were capable thinkers and skilled technicians.[2] Some of them were confirmed to know Galactic Basic Standard.[3]


The Narquois were slaves to their greedy Neimoidian neighbors for centuries.

The Narquois were the sentient descendants of an arboreal, non-sentient species. They evolved on Narq, a wet and gloomy planet situated in the Colonies region of the galaxy. Hundreds of years before the Cold War, they found themselves at the mercy of the Neimoidians, a greedy civilization from neighboring Neimoidia who were building up an empire of wealthy "purse-worlds" for themselves. The Neimoidians occupied Narq and started treating its natives as virtual serfs. Although the Narquois were actually quite clever, their new masters denied their intelligence, forcing them to work only as miners, engine room crewers, and farm laborers.[2]

The servitude of the Narquois only ended several centuries later, when the authoritarian Galactic Empire was defeated in the Galactic Civil War and was replaced by a much more democratic and egalitarian New Republic. Taking advantage of the regime change, the people of Narq sued the Neimoidians in the New Republic courts, seeking unprecedented levels of compensation for how their species had been treated in the past.[2]

Narquois in the galaxy[]

The pirate Pru Sweevant in the castle of Maz Kanata, Takodana

Narquois could be found outside of their home planet, pursuing many professions throughout the galaxy.[2] Some time after the Battle of Endor, two Narquois worked for Surat Nuat, a Sullustan crime lord who operated on Akiva. They and four other members of Surat's gang were involved in the capture of the New Republic agent Jas Emari.[3] About three decades later, a Narquois worked as a miner at a refinery complex on the asteroid Pressy's Tumble. Due to the harsh living and working conditions on the mining colony, he and his colleagues went on a strike. However, the colony was owned by the First Order, a military and political organization inspired by the principle of the defunct Galactic Empire. The Narquois miner and three other strikers were executed by the stormtroopers of Captain Phasma for insubordination.[4] Around the same time, another offworld Narquois was seen attending the cantina of the 1550-LEX yacht Serendipity on the day that Han Solo engaged a trio of bounty huntersHove, Rigger, and Strater—sent to capture him.[5] Also during the First Order–Resistance conflict, a male Narquois named Pru Sweevant worked as a pirate, using his contacts within the Mining Guild to learn about routes taken by valuable convoys he could raid. In keeping with this species' resentment, Sweevant took particular delight in capturing Neimoidian-owned starships.[2] He was present in the castle of Maz Kanata on Takodana shortly before the First Order attacked the premises.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Narquois were created for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (December 18, 2015), where they appeared briefly in the person of Pru Sweevant,[6] an alien designed by senior sculptor Ivan Manzella[7] and played by the actor Kiran Shah.[6] However, the Narquois first appeared in Chuck Wendig's novel Aftermath (September 4, 2015),[3] and were first depicted in one of Phil Noto's illustrations for Greg Rucka's novel Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure (also September 4, 2015).[5]


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