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Nartissteu was the name of a New Republic freighter based out of Nellac Kram.

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces illegally appropriated the Nartissteu's identification and used it as an alias for an A-class bulk freighter in Thrawn's fleet during the Battle of Sluis Van.

The ersatz Nartissteu arrived at the Sluis Van Shipyards before the rest of the Imperial fleet with apparent damage and a seemingly empty cargo bay. The ship had reported to Sluis Control that it had been damaged in a pirate attack that caused them to dump all their cargo. The ship was then to await repairs.

In fact, the freighter carried cloaked TIEs and the damage it had sustained was probably a cover for the fact that it was set to explode.

Commander Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron and Captain Afyon, both aboard the New Republic ship Larkhess noticed that something was strange about the ship and Rogue Squadron launched. The X-Wing pilots were first on the scene when the Nartissteu self-destructed, allowing the TIEs hidden in her hold to launch their surprise attack and beginning the Battle of Sluis Van.



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