"Following the defection of the Imperial Army infantry units of Wazta (see Imperial Communique #2734.19g), an unspecified number of Imperial Navy vessels and their crews have deserted. This spate of defections to the Rebellion must stop. We cannot continue to allow Rebel sympathizers to enter Imperial Service for the sole purpose of undermining morale."
―General Nasda in a communication to all Sector Commanders concerning Imperial recruitment[src]

Nasda was an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau, holding the rank of general. Following the defection of Imperial Army units on Wazta, the defection of several Imperial Navy vessels, and the loss of personnel suffered during the Battle of Yavin, General Nasda authored a communication to all Sector Commanders concerning the need to tighten recruitment screening for those individuals enlisting in Imperial service. As well as reminding the Sector Commanders about the recruitment requirements for new personnel, Nasda issued an order banning all recruitment from planets that had suffered from Imperial assault or planetary bombardment in the previous ten Standard Years, as well as those planets known to have liberal or independent traditions.[1]


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