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The nashtah, also known as a Dravian hound, was a six-legged predatory reptile from the mountains of Dra III.

These intelligent, bloodthirsty pack hunters were the only animals from that world to ever be domesticated. Their claws and teeth were diamond-hard, allowing them to dig prey out of formations of basaltic rock. Their barbed tails and saliva contained a venom that marked their prey, allowing them to unswervingly track it for up to a month after contact. Their coloration ranged from dark brown to green.

A group of nashtahs hunting an eopie.

In the wild, nashtahs often outsmarted or outlasted animals with greater size, speed, or viciousness. The first survey teams to the world were wiped out by Dra III's native life, but eventually a team escaped the world alive with several dead nashtahs, and subsequently the creatures became the most studied lifeform from the world. Some prominent criminals used Dravian hounds as guard animals despite the fact they are as likely to attack their masters as protect them.

The slavers Magg and Zlarb used nashtahs in their slaving operations, including one on Lur. The Tunroth, Shotarr Kass, had a pet nashtah that he called "Klirun".[4] Platt Okeefe had a nashtah-skin throne onboard her ship the Last Chance.[5]

During her time as a Jedi, Aurra Sing received the nickname "Nashtah" from the Dark Woman.

One nashtah injured scout Barosa Warren's right arm, causing him a permanent scar, while he was scouting Dra III for the Old Republic.[6]


A nek (background) fighting a nashtah (foreground).


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