Nat Secura was a male Twi'lek who was the cousin to Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and son of Lon Secura. He was also the Secura heir.


In 30 BBY, Secura was kidnapped by two Morgukai in service of Kh'aris Fenn. He was put in the dungeon of Kh'aris' fortress together with Jedi Master Tholme, who attempted to rescue the young Twi'lek. When the torture droid AX/RX was ordered to execute both prisoners Tholme attacked the droid and another Jedi, Aayla Secura, entered the prison cell and beheaded the droid. He escaped the fortress safely with Tholme, while Aayla helped her master, Quinlan Vos, defeat the two Nikto Morgukai.

When Bib Fortuna returned to Ryloth for his revenge against his people, Secura was severely scarred, especially his lekku which kept him from speaking in Twi'leki. His mother chastised Bib and was executed by him, after this he was treated by Bib and taken away from Ryloth.

Later, when he was older, Bib Fortuna kept Secura in Jabba's Palace. In order to "save" Secura from the rancor, Fortuna had the B'omarr Monks remove Secura's brain. Secura's lifeless body was fed to the Rancor while his brain remained safely enclosed in a B'omarr monk spider walker.

Secura soon began suffering from mental insanity as he was not prepared to deal with his new horrific predicament. The monks warned Fortuna that if he did not find a new host body for Secura within a short time he might go mad and die as a result. Fortuna planned to find cloners to clone Secura a new body. Until then, Secura wanted to inhabit the carbon-frozen body of Han Solo, and so his friend began plotting a way to steal the body from under Jabba Desilijic Tiure's nose. However, plans went awry after Solo and his friends escaped Jabba's clutches. Secura remained in his brain walker along with several new "initiates" to the B'omarr Monks, including Fortuna. He helped Fortuna get used to his brain walker and eventually they both escaped the palace.

Behind the scenesEdit

Riteofpassage mistake

Tholme making a mistake by calling Nat Secura "Lon", which is the name of his father.

After Jedi Secura rescued Tholme and Secura, Tholme introduces the little Secura to his Padawan. But instead of calling him Nat, he calls the boy Lon, which is his father's name.



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