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Natacha Bustos (born November 9, 1981 in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain) is a Spanish comic-book artist. For the Star Wars franchise, Bustos contributed to several Marvel Comics series. For the 2020 series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and the 2021 series Star Wars: The High Republic, Bustos illustrated variant covers. She also illustrated the interiors of issues for the ongoing series Star Wars: Bounty Hunters and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.


Natacha Bustos,[2] born November 9,[1] 1981 in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain, is a Spanish comic-book artist.[2] Bustos began working on the Star Wars franchise by illustrating variant covers for publisher Marvel Comics. Her first cover was for the eighth issue of the comic series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, published on March 24, 2021. The cover depicts[3] archaeologist[4] Chelli Lona Aphra and[3] smuggler[4] Sana Starros swinging through the air.[3]

Bustos's second cover was for the fourth issue of the[5] 2021 comic series[6] Star Wars: The High Republic, published on April 7 of the same year. The cover features[5] Jedi Knight[7] Keeve Trennis and a member of the Drengir species.[5] In September of that year, Bustos revealed several sketches and initial versions of her variant cover for The High Republic, showing the illustration process in various stages.[8]

On February 16, 2022, StarWars.com announced that Bustos would pencil the twenty-third issue of the ongoing series Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.[9] The issue was written by Ethan Sacks and published by Marvel Comics on June 1, 2022.[10] Bustos is also set to return to Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, this time penciling the interiors of the series' twenty-second issue, scheduled to be published on July 27, 2022.[11]


Year Title Contribution
2021 Doctor Aphra (2020) 8 Variant cover[3]
The High Republic (2021) 4[5]
2022 Bounty Hunters 23 Penciller, inker[10]
Doctor Aphra (2020) 22 Penciller[11]


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