Nath Tensent was a human male pilot who served in Alphabet Squadron of the New Republic, flying a Y-wing. He had an easy demeanor, but was a determined survivor, wishing to outlive even his squadron.[1] Tensent was the only survivor of his previous unit, who were killed by the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing nicknamed Shadow Wing. After the Battle of Endor, he was recruited into Alphabet Squadron.[2]


Tensent was originally a pilot for the Galactic Empire. He and his squadron policed a part of the Outer Rim Territories. He was caught accepting bribes from pirates to look the other way and at the same time, he was charging companies for his squadron's protection from pirates. He and his entire squadron defected from the Empire and joined the Rebellion, going on to fly 50 operations.[2]

His squadron was ambushed and mostly destroyed by Shadow Wing at the Trenchenovu shipyards six months prior to the destruction of the Second Death Star. He then traveled to the Entropian Hive and unofficially acted as a New Republic official to the local population.[2]

He was later found by Yrica Quell who attempted to recruit him to join the New Republic Intelligence task force to track down Shadow Wing and bring them to justice. Tensent initially rejected the offer, but was persuaded when Kairos showed him a recording from intelligence officer Caern Adan promising him more than vengeance, but all the credits that Adan could put get together so long as Tensent knew he was working as Adan's personal agent.[2]

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