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"Captain Tensent, I'm guessing? Hero of Troithe. Last leader of Alphabet Squadron."
"Hero of Troithe, New Republic Intelligence asset, savior of Chadawa. When we win at Jakku, I might be offered Syndulla's job. I've got you all to thank for that."
―Wisp and Nath Tensent[5]

Nath Tensent was a human male pilot who served in Alphabet Squadron of the New Republic, flying a Y-wing. He had an easy demeanor, but was a determined survivor, wishing to outlive even his squadron.[2] Tensent was the only survivor of his previous unit, who were killed by the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing nicknamed Shadow Wing. After the Battle of Endor, he was recruited into Alphabet Squadron.[3]


Tensent was originally a pilot for the Galactic Empire. He and his squadron policed a part of the Outer Rim Territories. He was caught accepting bribes from pirates to look the other way and at the same time, he was charging companies for his squadron's protection from pirates. He and his entire squadron defected from the Empire and joined the Rebellion, going on to fly 50 operations. At one point, Tensent flew at Boz Pity and lost multiple friends in the battle. Another time, Tensent and his droid, T5, were stranded in the Red Isles of Thakwaa, and T5 suggested that Tensent render plant stems into ointment for protection against the flies. The two were rescued after a few days.[3]

His squadron was ambushed and mostly destroyed by Shadow Wing at the Trenchenovu shipyards six months prior to the destruction of the Second Death Star. He then traveled to the Entropian Hive and unofficially acted as a New Republic official to the local population.[3]

He was later found by Yrica Quell who attempted to recruit him to join the New Republic Intelligence task force to track down Shadow Wing and bring them to justice. Tensent initially rejected the offer, but was persuaded when Kairos showed him a recording from intelligence officer Caern Adan promising him more than vengeance, but all the credits that Adan could put together so long as Tensent knew he was working as Adan's personal agent. Tensent agreed to the deal and joined Adan's new squadron.[3]

Service in Alphabet Squadron[]

After practice with the squadron in flight simulators, Tensent took Wyl Lark and Chass na Chadic to a bar onboard the Lodestar. There, he bonded with Lark and the two quickly became friends. When the squadron took a mission to recover intel from the planet Abednedo, Tensent remained in orbit with Lark while the others made contact with a smuggler. When the group attempted to leave with a group of Imperial prisoners, they were attacked by a group of TIE/sa bombers, which destroyed the freighter carrying the prisoners. Tensent and Lark were able to handle two of the bombers, but the last one destroyed the freighter, killing all of the prisoners and forcing Alphabet Squadron to return home empty-handed.[3]

Upon their return to the Lodestar, Tensent spent much of his time drinking with the pilots of Meteor Squadron and Hail Squadron until Quell informed the squadron of their newest mission. The squadron made their way to a moon of the planet Harkrova for a salvage mission. The group landed on a mountaintop and hiked to the bottom to find the supply cache leftover by the Rebel Alliance. On the march down, Tensent approached Quell and offered his support, saying that he did not blame her for punching Adan but then turning serious and saying that he was around to hunt down Shadow Wing, not help the New Republic in their conquest.[3]

That night, the group made camp and Tensent and Lark made most of the conversation, with Tensent telling stories from his days in service with his old squadron.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Tensent was a human male who gave the impression of a selfish, edgy pilot, but in reality, was an extremely loyal man. He displayed genuine care for his comrades in Alphabet Squadron and was even seen as a voice of reason, mainly due to his older age and veteran status (when compared to the rest of the squadron). Wyl Lark even considered him a good friend. Tensent disliked anyone else working on his ship, saying that while others might know Y-wings better than he, nobody knew his Y-wing better than him. In his younger days, Tensent craved a decent fight, but as he got older, he appreciated his own survival rather than the thrills of combat.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"Nath Tensent, our pirate-y character, he didn't have to be in a Y-Wing, but sticking him in a Y-Wing gave him some additional texture to his personality."
―Alexander Freed[6]

Nath Tensent first appeared in the novel Alphabet Squadron, written by Alexander Freed and published in 2019.[3] When first planning the details regarding the pilots of Alphabet Squadron, Freed chose to assign Tensent the Y-wing and an astromech droid in order to give him a slightly warmer personality.[6]


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Notes and references[]

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