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"My squadron, was ambushed during a bombing run over the Trenchenovu shipyards."
―Nath Tensent, to Yrica Quell[src]

A squadron of TIE line starfighters was commanded by the TIE fighter pilot Nath Tensent for the Galactic Empire. They ran a criminal enterprise in the Outer Rim until the Empire discovered them, forcing the squadron to defect the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 0 BBY under fears of the Empire's punishment. The squadron flew BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers in over fifty operations, and eventually attacked the Trenchenovu shipyards around 3 ABY.

However, the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing ambushed Tensent's squadron, forcing the pilots to abort their bombing run. In their attempt to escape, Tensent's pilots died one by one, until only Tensent and his second, Reeka, remained. With Reeka's astromech droid having been destroyed, Tensent was forced to abandon her and flee with his life, retreating to the Entropian Hive for repairs.


"We're flying BTL-A4 Y-wings. Better fighters than you'd think, but we weren't getting around that Impstar intact."
―Nath Tensent recalls the starfighter his squadron flew[src]

Led by the human Nath Tensent and his trusted second Reeka, the squadron comprised of TIE line starfighters while they served in the Galactic Empire. While part of the Rebel Alliance, the pilots flew BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers.[1]


Service in the EmpireEdit

"That crew, My squadron. They were pirates and bastards and cowards, and I'd kept them alive since we were flying for a senile old colonel in the Western Reaches. We defected together."
―Nath Tensent reflects on his squadron[src]

Led by Nath Tensent, the squadron served in the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era. They initially served under a Colonel in the Western Reaches. However, they additionally ran their own criminal enterprise in eight star systems in the Outer Rim, taking a percentage from pirates and smugglers to look the other way whilst simultaneously charging companies for protection from the same pirates. The Empire soon caught on to the squadron and put them under investigation for gross corruption.[1] In 0 BBY,[3] To avoid punishment, the entirety of Tensent's squadron defected to the Rebel Alliance, which sought to overthrow the Empire. The squadron served the Alliance in over fifty operations.[1]

Attack on the Trenchenovu shipyardsEdit

"Pesalt tried to outmaneuver TIEs; slammed right into a support strut. Rorian limped about halfway before his engines overloaded. Ferris ejected. You can only imagine what happened to him. Me and Reeka, we were the only ones who came out the other side."
―Nath Tensent recounts the losses of his squadron to Yrica Quell[src]

Around the year 3 ABY,[2] six months before the Battle of Endor, Tensent led his squadron in an attack on the Trenchenovu shipyards as a part of a favor for General Lexei. The squadron had prepared and trained for the mission over six weeks. On the day of the attack, Tensent's squadron flew towards the shipyards for a bombing run. However, just seconds before they could release their bombs, the squadron was ambushed by the Empire's 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. The ambushing TIE fighters killed the young pilot Piter. Tensent and Reeka decided to abort the mission and had the squadron launch their payloads to throw off the flight of TIEs.[1]

Tensent's squadron pulled up, having lost two more of their pilots, but were cut off from escaping when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Sanction arrived out of hyperspace near the Trenchenovu shipyards. Tensent had his squadron split up and take cover under the shipyards, intending to escape at the other side. One of Tensent's pilots, Braigh, broadcast over multiple frequencies, offering to sell out the rest of the Alliance to the Empire in exchange for her life. After Braigh was killed, one rebel pilot named Pesalt crashed trying to outmaneuver the pursuers, and another pilot named Rorian was lost when his Y-wing's engines overloaded. Tensent and Reeka were the pilots left after Ferris died ejecting from his Y-wing.[1]

Tensent and Reeka defeated three TIE fighters but the latter lost her astromech droid in the process. After they reached the other side of the shipyards, Tensent was forced to abandon his last comrade and flee with his life. The sole survivor, he fled to the trading post Entropian Hive, where he repaired his Y-wing. After some investigating, Tensent learned that the Empire had been listening in on his squadron for a month after cracking their security codes. Tensent later told the story of his squadron to Lieutenant Yrica Quell, a former 204th pilot who was recruiting him for a working group tasked with ending the fighter wing. The man remembered his squadron many times after and hold its story to other pilots like Chass na Chadic and Wyl Lark, members of the working group he had joined.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

Nath Tensent's squadron was first mentioned in the 2019 novel Alphabet Squadron, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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