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Nathan Patrick Butler (b. October 17, 1979) is the author of the Star Wars Tales story "Equals & Opposites" and co-writer of the DC0052 speeder Databank entry. Butler's chronology knowledge has also been brought to bear in creating dates for a series of dated historical maps for The Essential Atlas (though he takes responsibility for a typo that incorrectly dates Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith at 15:5:20, rather than 16:5:20). He also had a short article on Star Wars continuity in Geoffrey Todd Carlton's Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book, Fourth Edition in 2007 and was one of the many interview subjects discussed in Will Brooker's Using the Force: Creativity, Community, and Star Wars Fans. As the writer of "Equals & Opposites," Butler created the characters of Pallin and Tarneel, while also creating the planet Ord Sedra and its Battle of Ord Sedra. The character Krono Relt (found in Empire 13: What Sin Loyalty?) was named after him.[source?]

His fan works include the Star Wars Timeline Gold chronological reference, Star Wars: Second Strike, a dramatic audio adventure (the first of its kind online for the Star Wars saga), the internet radio show ChronoRadio (at Star Wars Fanworks), and numerous other online audio productions. He released "A Saga on Home Video: A Fan's Guide to Star Wars Home Video Releases" in 2017, documenting all home-video releases from the original movie to Rogue One in detail.

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