Nathaniel Camaran[2] was a Royal Naboo Security Guard on Naboo. In 32 BBY, when the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, Lieutenant Camaran quickly became one of the leaders of the Naboo Resistance. Camaran was in charge of security for a particular cell of the Resistance. The Lieutenant attended a meeting with Mett Habble and Oti Trinta to convince several capable passengers from the Crescent to join the Resistance.[1]

At some point, he received a promotion to captain.[2]

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Camaran was a minor character in Peril on Naboo, a three part campaign in Wizards of the Coast's Secrets of Naboo released in 2001. Within the text, he is identified as a Lieutenant.[1] Later, in 2013, the Rogues Gallery: Naboo's Finest! article in Star Wars Insider 145 identified an extra from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith as "Captain Nathaniel Camaran," providing an image, first name, and rank for the Security Guard.[2]



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