"I want to know how this happened before sundown today. Then contact Nathe at the Special Operations Brigade. I want the securecam footage from both of Chandrila's public spaceports and all of its private docking bays—I don't care who owns them—as well as the footage of every street in a five-klick radius of the dead zone, deconstructed frame by frame."
―Bail Organa, to Minala Lodilyn[src]

Nathe was an individual who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars as a member of the Special Operations Brigade, a special forces division of the Grand Army of the Republic.[1]

Following a bioweapon attack on Hanna City on the planet Chandrila in 21 BBY, Senator Bail Organa, the representative to the Galactic Senate for the world of Alderaan, ordered his assistant Minala Lodilyn to summon Nathe and Agent Varrak to obtain for him security footage of the attack.[1]

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