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Natori Association was one of companies that were part of the Tenloss Syndicate and operated as a training and supply company. It was based on the planet Sperin in the Palaquin system.[1]The organization started as a mercenary training organization teaching combat skills mainly to non-humans. The training philosophy of the Natori was to use particular species' natural physical, mental, and cultural abilities to their advantage. For instance Wookiees were deployed as forest fighters while Duros were trained for space combat.[2]

The Natori had a long term security contract with Ororo Transportation but since the two organization were controlled by the Tenloss Syndicate this amounted to money laundering.[3]

Malakin Enterprises, also part of the Tenloss Syndicate, was the largest stockholder in the Natori Association.[2]

Natori Association (Vergesso Base)

Natori Association patrol at Vergesso Base

They had a presence on Vergesso Base that consisted of a battalion of soldiers that were used for internal security and in theory base defense. They rotated shifts by company and were typically deployed in squads of 10 soldiers. The commander of the soldiers on Vergesso was Major Vam Margan.[3]



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